Now that I think about it, I feel a little bit better (but not much) about my last entry getting messed up – I had decided to start posting my own scores compared with those of the real players on the show, and two of the three games I posted didn’t go so well.  So I kind of have a fresh start, except that I did just tell you that they didn’t go well.  (You just don’t know my scores.) 😉  I do intend to post my scores in the future for the days that I am not able to update the blog.  I play with the old-school gadget “Jeopardy! Challenger” that was originally available in the 1980s.  I got mine on eBay not very long ago, and for cheap.  If anyone else plays along at home, I would love to see your scores, too! 
     I also feel better because – bonus! – there was an episode of Jeopardy! on today!  One of the Omaha stations airs an episode every Saturday night at 6 p.m.  This episode originally aired last year and starred Stephen Stiegel from North Carolina (think David Spade), Allison Lesh (think Lisa Loeb) from Oregon, and Justin Bernbach, a 4-day champion from New York (think Taylor Hicks).  He amassed $88,000-something in his first four wins!  And Mr. Trebek said that the previous day Justin had only won $7,000.  So the previous three days were probably massacres.
     I’m visiting my parents today, which means I got to watch the show with my dad.  This is always a treat!  It is my favorite way to watch the show.  And you should’ve seen how engaged he was in the show this time, because he knew (I did ask him!) that I might mention him in the blog.  He did really well today, and that’s the truth.  He was very happy in particular to get this clue right, in the category It Has to End With ‘U’: “A fast-growing climbing vine all over the United States.”*  I’d never heard of it!
     I responded in kind by getting two right in Japanese Culture that no one got right here or on TV.  For $400: “Japanese kites have been interpreted as offerings to the gods and a physical embodiment of prayers linking these two places.”*  And for $1600: “This fabric [held up by the Clue Crew’s Kelly] has been dyed with ‘sukomo,’ this dye that was once used only by aristocracy.”*
     Justin led through much of the game, and would have had a lock on the game had Allison not answered the last clue correctly.  Allison and Stephen wagered big but it didn’t matter.  Justin was the only one to get Final Jeopardy right: Big Countries: “Forbes Magazine uses ‘BRIC,’ an acronym for these four large nations advancing in economic power.”*
     Til next time!

*Kudzu, heaven and earth, indigo, Brazil Russia India China.

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