Exciting news about this blog!  Read until the end for the deets…
     Today’s episode starred Kyle Mathews from California, Cyd Musni from Florida, and 4-day champ Vijay Balse from India.  I was really pulling for Vijay.  I love to see a five-day champ!  Plus, I found it endearing when he talked on a previous episode about making his wedding invitations himself with calligraphy.  I was disappointed and surprised to see him in the hole at the end of the Jeopardy round!
     The real stars of today’s show, though, were the clues.  I counted 10 clues (counting Final Jeopardy) that no one got right!:
$600 in Letter-Perfect Bands: “Deadbeat Club, Private Idaho.”*  (Hint: Previous responses in the category were U2 and REM.)
$400 in Globe-Trekkin’: “Lund in this Scandinavian country isn’t named for Ilsa Lund; It was founded before the year 1000.”  (Hint: Kyle guessed Denmark and Vijay guessed Norway.)
$800 in Globe-Trekkin’: In 1856 American adventurer William Walker conquered this Central American country and ruled it as ‘president.’
$1000 in Jerusalem’s Noble Sanctuary: “When entering Al-Aqsa, worshippers must clean themselves, so this type of fountain was placed.  Its name comes from the Latin from ‘wash away.'”
$600 in The Other 2 Little Pigs Rebuild: “From a German word for ‘crust,’ this exterior finish of cement, sand, lime, and water is both pigs’ siding choice now.” (Hint: Cyd guessed concrete.)
$1200 in Filmmaking 101: “The slate that gets the action going on a film is also called this, from the sound it makes.”
$1200 in Double Double Letters: “A dessert called ‘fool’ is traditionally made with this tart fruit.”
$2000 in Double Double Letters: “Watch the birdie; This bird [image on the screen] with a colorful name.”
$400 in Double Double Letters: “This clasp holds a girl’s hair in place.”
     With a couple of clues remaining, Vijay hit the second Daily Double of the Double Jeopardy round.  He was still pretty far behind with $3800.  He wagered $3700 and got this clue right, in Double double letters: “A writer of 14-line poems.”  It was too little too late, as it turns out.  As mentioned, no one got this Final Jeopardy clue correct in U.S. Places in Literature: “This fishing port is the setting for Kipling’s ‘Captains Courageous,’ and the wreck of the Hesperus was nearby.” (Hint: Vijay guessed Cape Cod, Kyle guessed Boston, and Cyd guessed San Francisco.)  Vijay finished with $4600, Kyle with $3400, and Cyd won with $11199.  We may see Vijay at the Tournament of Champions yet.
     I have mentioned that I use a Jeopardy! Challenger to keep track of my score on days when I cannot blog – Today I see that there is one for sale on eBay!  Bidding starts at just $1.99, and there is a buy-it-now option for $4.99.  As of this writing, there were no bids.  The auction ends in 6 days.
     Here are my scores for Monday and Tuesday’s episodes this week:
(Karen Hoffman, IL) $1000 (Kirby Nelson, WA) $6399 (Vijay Balse, India) $14399 (me) $12000

(Shelby Sadler, MD) $5200 (Becki Norris, IL) $6400 (Vijay Balse) $11599 (me) $24402

     Now, for the cymbal crash at the end of the drumroll:  My blog has a new address!  Now I can be found at thejeopardyfan.com!  Please spread the word.  (You CAN still find me at thejeopardyfan.blogspot.com, though!)

*The B-52s, Sweden, Nicaragua, ablution, stucco, clapper, gooseberry, yellowhammer, barrette, sonneteer, Gloucester Massachusetts.

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