Just in time for the Oscars…

I’m not sure what happened to this entry – I posted it from my phone for the first time, so I guess something went wrong there.  I don’t have the original entry saved anywhere else, so it looks like there’s nothing I can do.  My apologies….
Friday’s episode starred Miriam Carson from Pennsylvania, Todd Aiello from Illinois, and 1-day returning champ Vijay Balse, originally from Bombay, India.  Carson looks so much like Meryl Streep it is scary! They didn’t have a category about the Oscars today, so I have to assume that’s why they featured an Oscar-winner’s clone instead.  They did have a fun category called “A Movie Before, Then Dinner After.”  (Sample clue: “Brat Pack detention in a 1985 film leads to a meal with 3 slices of toast, turkey, and bacon, and mayo.”*)  Today’s contestants were pretty evenly-matched.  Balse was in the lead going into Final Jeopardy.  The category was “Plays,” and the clue was super-easy again!  And you know it’s gotta be easy if I think it is: “Dialogue from this play: ‘He didn’t say he’d come.’ ‘And if he doesn’t come?’ ‘We’ll come tomorrow.'”*  Every contestant got it right.  Vijay was already in the l

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