March Madness indeed

     The NCAA tournament pre-empted Jeopardy! on Thursday, which was actually okay with me, because it was one of those “Million Dollar Celebrity Invitational” episodes.  I haven’t been watching those anyway because the clues are too easy and there is too much carrying on.  I don’t know if Friday’s episode was pre-empted yet, because I wasn’t able to watch it and won’t be able to now for a couple of days.  (Does anyone know?)  Last night I was eager to watch GSN’s midnight episode.  I thought, “At last, my Jeopardy! fix!”  Imagine my surprise when, notebook in hand and pen poised, the words “Back-to-School Week” appeared as Jeopardy! began.  >l-(  I will watch those episodes if they’re brand-new, but reruns of them?  No.  My sister and I changed the channel at my suggestion (shocker!), and we wound up watching a few minutes of “What Not to Wear” on TLC.
     There is another chance at redemption, though, because I can watch the weekly 6 p.m. Saturday night episode of Jeopardy! on a local channel.  Come back for those deets.
     How do you guys feel about both the celebrity invitational episodes and the Back-to-School Week episodes?