I’m zori…

     I’m wondering if anyone else knew what “zoris” were in the following $200 clue in the category Footwear: “Also called zoris, they’re backless rubber sandals held on with a thong between the first two toes.”*  I looked it up just now in my big dictionary, and it’s not in there.  And I didn’t know that a “thong” referred to the piece between the toes.  I thought a “thong” was the whole shoe.  I did respond correctly.
     I was proud to answer two clues correctly this episode that no one answered on TV.  The first was the $1000 in the category Film Titles in Foreign Lands: “Folks in Greece know this Eddie Murphy film as ‘Daddies as Nannies.'”  And I want to maintain my reputation: I haven’t seen the movie!
     The second one was in Double Jeopardy.  This is the $800 clue in Picture Book Animals: “If You Give a _____ a Cookie.”
     At the end of the Jeopardy round, Amanda Baber of OK was in first place by $100 over Jayson Johnson of NC, thanks to a correct response to the last clue of the round.  It was the Daily Double, found in the category Broke-Down Words (the numbers refer to the letters in the word): “My 1-2-3 is active hostility between nations and my 4-5-6-7 is a gated chamber in a canal or dam.”
     At the end of Double Jeopardy, the scores indicated that the contestants were pretty evenly-matched.  Rachel Pildis, 1-day champ from IL, had $11800, Jayson had $12600, and Amanda had $15300.  Rachel and Amanda got Final Jeopardy right, in the category Famous Americans: “About him F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote, ‘In the spring of ’27, something bright and alien flashed across the sky.'”  Amanda wagered $9900, easily enough to overtake Rachel, who wagered $4200.
     Answers to last time’s calendar clues: marriage (acceptable: wedding) and Lexington

*flip-flops, Daddy Day Care, mouse, warlock, Charles Lindbergh

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