I know, I know!

     I am so sorry I was absent for so long while I was indulging another passion at the Sony Ericsson Open in Key Biscayne, Florida.  (Tennis, anyone else?)  I am going to make up for it very shortly.  I had more than a week’s worth of Jeopardy!s to catch up on!  I sure enjoyed it and in fact I wish I had more to watch.  Rather than comment on all those, I played along and am posting my scores.  I did pretty well for myself.  I wish I would’ve had that mojo when I made my March Madness brackets and my tennis brackets.  (I hope posting my scores doesn’t bore anyone to tears.  I doubt it would if you’d join me! Hint!)
     Hey, did anyone notice that the Game Show Network is not showing any more episodes until April 15th?!  Why?!  I was scared at first that they were getting rid of it altogether. 

Lisa Horowitz, CA 4200
Jonathan Sanchez, SC 7400
Kristian Zoerhoff, IL 13200
Me 21998

Colin McClain, MO 15700
Regina Robbins, NY 38500
Kristian Zoerhoff, IL 38399
Me 8798
Derek Honore, CA 11900
Tatiana Walton, FL 7100
Regina Robbins, NY 19401
Me 5998
Sean Burns, PA 399
Susan Malmo, AZ 20600
Regina Robbins, NY 21200
Me 21202
Huat Lim, WA 1500
Kerry Smith, MI 10000
Regina Robbins, NY 11599
Me 22798
Melissa Kowalski, PA 8999
Manny Maldonado III, TX 12500
Regina Robbins, NY 0
Me 14802
Emily Cloyd, MI 50
Stacy Braverman, D.C. 14984
Manny Maldonado III, TX 801
Me 26400
Matt Drury, NY 18799
Pat Garahan, CA 8000
Stacy Braverman, D.C. 9402
Me 28002
Jessica Trudeau, IL 34401
Ken Burke, CA 1
Matt Drury, NY 200
Me 19200
Gary Gambino, OH 9199
Laura Hughes, MD 27500
Jessica Trudeau, IL 10600
Me 14398

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