Tennis, anyone?

     Naturally I was very excited to see the category Wimbledon in the Jeopardy round.  I was just there!  I wanted to sweep, and I would have if not for this $800 clue: “This sport is attached to the name of the club that sponsors Wimbledon, though activities are confined to tennis.”*  I did sweep New Testament Quotes, and my dad told me he did, too.
     I was amused when Mr. Trebek said during Aaron Wicks’ interview that he’s gotten letters from people who say they will not answer the phone during Jeopardy!  Is that really that unusual for a Jeopardy! fan?  I mean, it doesn’t seem extreme to me.  What do you think?  I won’t let anyone speak to me during Jeopardy!, unless they’re playing along.  Aaron said he will not answer the phone during Hawaii Five-O, a show I’ve never seen.
     At the end of Double Jeopardy, 1-day champ Dave Edwards had 9000, Aaron had 19800, and Kim had 6000.  You can see it was a runaway, but it didn’t really feel like one.  The Final Jeopardy category was 5-Letter Literary Terms.  I thought since the category was so narrow, the clue was going to be really tough.  Here it is: “The ‘History’ by Herodotus has been called the earliest surviving European work of this form, from Latin for ‘straightforward.'”*  The correct answer did cross my mind, but I just kept returning to “novel,” even though I was taught that Don Quixote is the first novel, and I was almost sure that “novel” didn’t mean “straightforward.”  Dave got it right, the second day that he got the Final and no one else did.  Aaron, of course, wagered enough to secure his win even if Dave had doubled his score.   
     Next week is Back-to-School Week on Jeopardy!  I hate to say this because I love Jeopardy! so much, but I dread Back-to-School Week.  (Those clues!)  I’ve been wringing my hands for quite some time about what to do on the blog next week, but I have it figured out now:  Several years ago, I asked my sister if she’d give me $5 if I answered all the clues in a round, and she said she would.  I didn’t do it, but I’ve tried ever since.  I always seem to get tripped up by some kid pop culture thing that is way out there to me, like shows on the Disney Channel or something.  Anyway, that is what I’ll do next week instead of keeping track of my scores.  I hope you will try it too and let me know how you do!  As for this week, I don’t have my scores with me from the two games I played, but they were both wins.  (No more losses!)

*croquet, prose

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