Dancing with the Geeks?

     First, call me weird but I wonder if we could get something started – ABC is taking suggestions for the cast of their next season of Dancing with the Stars.  I do think that show is over-the-top, but somehow it is growing on me.  Anyway, I’ve already suggested both Mr. Trebek and Ken Jennings.  Wouldn’t it be cool if at least several of us suggested these two?  Maybe they’d get a look from those doing the casting.  Click on “suggestions” above to make your own.  (And please let me know if you do!)
     We said goodbye to Josh Powell yesterday, and welcomed Adam Bibler as the new champion.  So today’s contestants:

Adam Bibler

Steve Meer

Liz Maziarz

     (Hey, I just discovered I can add captions to these images!  That’s much better than what I had been doing.  Gotta love improvement.)
     There were tons of triple-stumpers today, and I have to admit I didn’t get many of them either.  The Coryat scores should be telling.  (Do let me know if you got any of them, including the many I didn’t mention here.)  I felt good getting these two before the first break, though: In There’s a Sexy Category: “Sofia Vergara has Ed O’Neill remarried with children of all ages on this ABC sitcom.”*  I’m happy to say I only knew this one because of a “Got Milk?” ad I saw today that featured Vergara and included the sitcom’s title in the text.  That makes me feel better about taking the time to read People magazine.
     And what about this triple-stumper in In the Doghouse?: “From the Latin for ‘dog’ comes this word that refers to a shelter for one dog or many.”*  And this one in Creatures of the Night?: “The 222 members of the avian order strigiformes, better known as these, are all nocturnal.”*  And finally, this one in The Golden Boot Awards: “In 1985 this singing cowboy and sports owner got one of the first golden boots, given for work in westerns.”*
     At the first break, Adam had 2600, Liz had 200, Steve had 400, and I had 3000.  I have to admit I was pulling for Steve a little bit after his interview with Mr. Trebek.  He told some kind of story about his wife, then mentioned his children’s names: John Paul, Gianna, and Charlie.  He sounds like he might be Catholic, like me!
     Adam, who in my opinion never looks happy to be there, found the Daily Double in the Jeopardy round.  He had an enormous lead with 7800, compared to Liz’s 400 and Steve’s -600.  I had 7400.  Adam wagered 1000 on this clue: “For a brief time in the 1860s, this ‘Great Compromiser’ appeared on the $50 U.S. Note.”*  He got it right.  In my opinion, Adam should’ve wagered more.  I’m learning that when you have a big lead like that, you shouldn’t necessarily try to protect it, but rather make it grow.  It’s not about greed.  It’s about the win.  See, Liz already gained 2800 before the end of the Double Jeopardy round, with three clues remaining
     I groaned when I saw that Oprah Winfrey would be reading clues in the Double Jeopardy round.  I like her alright, but she reads the clues notoriously slowly.  I pondered right away how many clues were going to be left at the end of the round, because surely there were going to be some.  (Turns out there were two.)  The contestants went straight for those clues in Oprah’s Favorite Books (which I admit is an intriguing category). 
     Adam found the first Daily Double of the round, in Middle Names.  This time he wagered 2400 of his 11600.  He still led by a wide margin: Liz had 4000 and poor Steve had -1000.  I had 11400.  Here was the clue: “A U.S. President: Birchard.”*  Adam missed it.  Liz found the next Daily Double in, what else, Oprah’s Favorite Books.  Surprise, she was leading by this time, with 9200.  Adam had 7200 and still-hurtin’ Steve had -2200.  By the way, I was discouraged when Mr. Trebek pointed out to Steve after a miss that he had -3000.  It wasn’t even his turn to select.  I mean, like he or anyone else can’t see he’s doing poorly?  Anyway, Liz wagered 1000 on this clue, read by Oprah: “A book I chose for my book club in 2000 was this Toni Morrison novel about a young black girl who prayed for different features.”*  Liz missed it. 
     At the end of the round, Adam had 8800 (which is what he started the round with), Liz had 9400, and Steve had 200.  I had 22800, but I’m not sure how!  I didn’t really feel like I was on a roll, but that is a very good score for me.
     The Final Jeopardy category was State Capitals, a category I like to see because I was born and raised in one (Lincoln, NE).  This was the clue: “Forget Me Not, Glacier Avenue, and Glacier Highway are streets in this state capital.”*  Turns out I waaaaayyy overthought this one.  So did Adam apparently.  He missed it and lost 8300.  Steve redeemed himself somewhat and got it right, and doubled except for one dollar.  Liz got it right, too, making her the new champion, then.  She wagered 9000!  And we’ll see her tomorrow.
     Here are the scores from Tuesday and Wednesday:
Jamie O’Hagin 9996     Rich Zayatz 10001     Josh Powell 14400     Me 20000   
Kate Palladino 4600     Adam Bibler 12000     Josh Powell 3100     Me 3202
*Modern Family, kennel, owls, Gene Autry, Hayes, The Bluest Eye, Juneau