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     To follow up on Saturday’s post: My dad was a little disappointed that I “cut off his head” on his photo wearing the same sweater as Gregg.  He even brought it up the next day, while we were at a Husker basketball game.  So I took his picture then and there and said I’d post it in my next entry.  Here it is:

     I got to watch Jeopardy! with him and my mom again today, always a pleasure.  Both my parents were actively participating in today’s show, which makes me even happier!  Here are today’s contestants:


(from left to right; Josh Powell, Christine Barley, Will Durbin)
     Josh won his first episode Friday.
     The contestants started with Movie Verbs, which I thought was too easy, even for the Jeopardy round.  For a change, the Daily Double wasn’t found until after the first break, at which point both Josh and Will had 2800 and Christine had 1000.  Christine had 2400 when she found the Daily Double in The Anheuser-Busch Brewery.  She had done well in the category to that point (and it was still relatively early in the game), so I think she did well to wager everything.  Josh still had 2800 and Will had 3400.  Here was the clue, spoken by Jimmy of the Clue Crew: “To complete the maturation process of lagering, Anheuser-Busch uses wood chips from this timber tree to assure a mellow blend.”*
     Unfortunately, Christine missed it.  At the end of the Jeopardy round, she had 1200, Josh had 4200, and Will had 5600. 
     I interrupt this report to bring you two triple-stumpers.  In Painters: “This female impressionist helped Americans collect art, like the Havermeyers, whose collection went to the Met.”*  I couldn’t believe no one got this one right.  Come one, with the words “female,” “impressionist,” and “American” in the same clue?  I was proud to pull this one out later in Chris and Tell: “The film ‘Chris and Don: A Love Story’ is about painter Don Bachardy and this author of ‘Goodbye to Berlin.'”*  After the show was over, I asked out loud, “Do you know how I knew that one?”  And my mom goes, “You met him at a cocktail party?”  I don’t know why really that cracked me up, but it did.  Anyway, NO, I vaguely remember reading about him in the L.A. Times several years ago when I lived in Los Angeles.  So it was a bit of a lucky guess, but I’m still proud of it.
     Christine found the first Daily Double of the Double Jeopardy round, in What Happened to the “Mother”s?  She had 3600, while Josh had 5000 and Will had 4800.  This time she wagered 1200 on this clue: “This Missionaries of Charity copyrighted her name in 2003 in order to protect it.”*  I thought this one was easy.  Christine got it right.
     Will found the next Daily Double, in Chris and Tell.  (Call me slow but it just occurred to me that this is a play on “Kiss and Tell.”  All I could think of was “Show and Tell,” so I really didn’t get the title of the category!)  Will, in third place at the time, wagered 3000 of his 5600 on this clue: “Christopher Lash critiqued our society of self-lovers in the 1979 bestseller ‘The Culture of’ this -ism.”*  Will and I guessed something different, and we were both wrong.  But by the end of the round, Will had 9400, Josh had 5400, and Christine had 11200.  The Final Jeopardy category was The Bible.  I liked the clue: “This happens several times, as in I Kings 17 and Acts 20; the most famous time, it’s done by Jesus in John 11.”*  All kinds of answers flew around our den, and my mom said what wound up being the correct response.  Josh got it right, too, and added 5000 to his 5400.  Will got it wrong and lost all but 2 dollars.  Christine got it wrong and had wagered 7600, which was too much to lose if she was going to win.  Josh, then, pulls it off again.  We’ll see him tomorrow.
*beech, Mary Cassatt, Christopher Isherwood, Mother Teresa, narcissism, raising from the dead
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