What is San Salvador?

     Triple-stumper from Saturday, 2-5 (originally 10-14-09): In Columbus Discovers the New World: “Thirty-four days into crossing the Atlantic, Columbus quelled a small mutiny on October 10th; just two days later on October 12th, he changed history forever by coming ashore on the island he gave this holy name.”
     Here’s a map (because maps help me and I figure they help you, too!).  I tried to take a picture of a map from my books with my camera, but it proved too difficult.  Incidentally, I didn’t know that San Salvador is considered part of the Bahamas, and I didn’t know it is also known as Watling Island.:


      The event in the clue happened in 1492, as you might have been able to guess, or as you might well have known!  Apparently Columbus proved by finding San Salvador that the world was round.  The “small mutiny” mentioned in the clue seems to have come about because Columbus’ crew was beginning to lose faith in him.  (The point of the journey was to find a westward route to the Indies.)  Fears grew that they would all be falling off the edge of the world.  Columbus convinced them that they had not gone as far west as they thought.