Oh, brother

     Today’s contestants:

Brian Meacham

Andy Levin

Sarah Canfield Fuller
     Brian‘s interesting to me.  He’s a film preservationist.  I don’t love movies but I respect people who do. I just think true cinephiles are so smart.  Brian said on yesterday’s episode that he attends the Oscars every year.  Jealous!  Today, he said he’s watched 3500 movies just since starting a film diary in college.  I’d like to ask him which he’d give up if he had to give up one: going to the Oscars every year, or his success on Jeopardy!
     Early in today’s Jeopardy round, Sarah and I were robbed on this clue in Bear with These Books: “It’s the last name of the bear family seen here, as well as their creators Stan and Jan.”

     I said the same thing Sarah did.  Mr. Trebek accepted her answer at first, then a few clues later said she should’ve said “BerenSTAIN” (and that’s how it’s spelled) instead of “BerenSTEEN.”  I’ve never heard anyone say “BerenSTAIN,” have you?  And my sisters and I were into those books as kids.
     Andy found the Daily Double early in the Jeopardy round, in Countries Alphabetically.  He had 600, Brian had 1200, and Sarah had 200.  Andy wagered 1000 on this clue: “Uruguay was supplanted by this country as the last ‘u’ alphabetically.”  Andy and I both got it right immediately.  While it wasn’t much since it was so early in the round, Andy had a pretty big lead at the first break, with 4600 to Brian’s 2200 and Sarah’s 400.  At the end of the round, Andy had a substantial lead with 10000 to Brian’s 4800 and Sarah’s 1200.
     In the Double Jeopardy round, Sarah gave a close-but-not-quite answer again in “O” Brother.  This was the clue: “He had 6 older brothers to along with 4 gold medals from the 1936 Olympics.”  Sarah said “Owen,” but it wasn’t counted wrong immediately.  I made a note of it on my Coryat sheet because I was sure it was “Owens,” and sure enough, before Sarah made her wager on a Daily Double, he told her about the mistake.
     Sarah, then, wagered 3500 on the Daily Double in Double Meanings, which would’ve made up for the 3200 she lost on the “Owens” boo-boo.  Brian had 10400 at the time, Sarah had 4000, and Andy had 11200.  This was the clue: “As the gardeners planted a 12-foot _____ around his estate, he asked if I wanted to invest in his _____ fund.”  I got it right, and so did Sarah.  Guess she showed them.
     Brian found the next Daily Double in Battle Stars.  He and Andy were tied with 12000 while Sarah had 9900.  Brian wagered 3000 on this clue: “An unsung star of the battle of Britain was Robert Watson-Wyatt, developer of this Luftwaffe-detecting system.”  Brian got it right away, but I didn’t know it.
     At the end of the round, Brian had 15400, Sarah had 14700, and Andy had 14000.  Obviously evenly-matched, these contestants.  Did you notice how Mr. Trebek said he hopes someone wagers a lot, then said a lot depends on the category, “obviously”?  I don’t believe in wagering according to the category in Final Jeopardy.  I’ve seen that backfire too many times.  Wager to win, no matter what the category is.  You don’t want to have not wagered enough because you were scared, you know? 
     The Final Jeopardy category, in any case, was Playwrights.  This was the clue: “This Brit won Tonys for Best Play in 1968, 1976, 1984, and 2007; in the ’90s he settled for the 1998 Best Screenplay Oscar.”  The correct movie crossed my mind, but I had no idea who wrote it.  Apparently Brian didn’t necessarily need his film expertise, as all the contestants got it right.  Andy wagered only 1000.  (Was he influenced by the category?)  It didn’t matter this time, because both Sarah, with a wager of 14500, and Brian, with a wager of 14001, wisely wagered enough to have more than twice his score.  Brian ended with the highest total, and is now a four-time champion.  I like him but I don’t like that his four-day total is higher than Buddy Wright‘s, decreasing Buddy’s chances yet again of making the Tournament of Champions.
     My Coryat today was 13800, as was Andy’s.  Brian‘s was 14400.  Sarah’s was 12400.  What an evenly-matched game!  I didn’t really have any strong categories, and my weakest were Battle Stars, French Food Talk, and A Scout is….  Brian’s Coryat was
     Monday’s Coryats:

4-25: Chuck Narikiyo 19000    Emily Barkley-Levenson 12800    Brian Meacham 12000    Me 31800
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