You’re hot then you’re cold, you’re yes then you’re no

     I had my “work” cut out for me today, but it’s really play: I’m posting my Coryats for all the episodes I’d missed while I was at the unofficial Jeopardy! reunion, and also the ones I haven’t blogged about this week.  That’s a lot of episodes, and it requires some detective work because I gave a few answers that I’m not positive would have been accepted (and I want my Coryat scores to be accurate).  And in many cases, I had not added up my scores.  So here we go:
4-12: Daniel Cohen 9200     Stephanie Munroe 10600     Tim Kresowik 19800     Me 20600
4-13: Sara Heard 14800     Michelle Franklin 11200     Tim Kresowik 19600     Me 11800
4-14: Miguel Ruiz 13000     Annie Douglass 15200     Sara Heard 14600     Me 30200!
4-15: Amy Fulton Stout 10600     Jim Fenton 4000     Sara Heard 24800     Me 29000!
4-18: John Paul Manuel 9400     Andrew Fuller 7600     Sara Heard 17600     Me 14000
4-20: Robin Woolsey 11400     Kirsten Ruemenapp 8800     Mary Mitchell 10400     Me 21600
4-21: Beth Miller 4600     Brian Meacham 21400     Robin Woolsey 8400     Me 9400
     Today‘s contestants: 

Nick Cohen (This dude looks familiar.  Do we know him from somewhere?)

Brian Meacham
KC Frodyma
      I started this game hot.  I had four triple-stumpers before the first break!  A couple of ’em took me most of the time allotted.  The first, in Fathers-in-Law: “Daniel Day-Lewis’ was this dramatist.”  The next, in Same First and Last Letter: “This 5-letter word can mean ‘overweight.'”  And the next, in the same category: “Pertaining to the scientific use of and study of very low temperatures.”  By the time I got this one in The Environment (Happy Earth Day), I was laughing: “The Florida wild black type of this carnivore is down to about 3000 animals and needs its habitat protected.”
     At the first break, Brian had 0, K.C. had 1400, and Nick had 200.  Mr. Trebek said K.C. was doing well, but I’ve seen better at that point in the game!
     The first category selected after the first break was Celebrity Facts.  I knew my roll would continue, as this is a wheelhouse for me.  Indeed, I swept!
     Brian found the Daily Double in Let’s Have Italian Tonight!  (Okay, as long as it is meat-free on this Good Friday!)  Brian had 1400, K.C. had 800, and the seemingly-silent Nick had 1800.  Brian wagered 1000 (I think he should have wagered it all) on this clue: “This Italian-born man began his brief tenure as Pope on August 26, 1978.”  This was a no-brainer for me, and Brian got it right, too.
     After the round, Brian led with 3400, while K.C. had 1600 and Nick still had 1800.
     I struggled at the beginning of the Double Jeopardy round.  I only got this first one right in Classical Composers: “His ‘heroic’ period, from about 1803 to 1812, produced his ‘Eroica’ symphony.”  I didn’t get any right in Poetic Title Verbs or Father’s in Law.  The contestants didn’t fare that much better: As a group, they went 3/5 in the poetry category and 2/5 in the category about composers. 
     K.C. found both Daily Doubles in the Double Jeopardy round.  She had a big lead when she found the first one in Coup d’Etat.  She had 10800, Brian had 5400, and Nick had 7400.  K.C. wagered 2000 on this clue: “This S. American president was the leader of an unsuccessful coup in 1992 and was the target of a coup in 2002.”  She missed it but I got it right.
     Two clues later, however, the tables turned: She got the Daily Double right and I missed it.  The category was Father’s in Law.  The men had the same scores as at the previous Daily Double, and K.C. had 9200.  She wagered 2000 again on this clue: “Father has rooms near the Court of Chancery in this state where half of Fortune 500 companies are incorporated.”  Somebody tell me how one knows this?  She knew it right away, while I quickly guessed “Virginia.”
     At the end of the round, Brian had 8600, K.C. had 11200, and Nick had 9400.  The Final Jeopardy category was Biographers.  This was the clue: “As many mourned, this minister wrote in a letter, ‘Washington is gone!  Millions gasping to read…about him.”  I guessed the same thing as Brian, and was wrong.  All the contestants missed it, and in fact, I’d never heard of this person.  Brian lost 1500, Nick lost 8100, and K.C. lost 7601, too much to become champion.  So Brian is the now two-day champ.
     My Coryat score today was 15000, assuming I cannot accept “Talk Soup” for “The Soup” on this clue read by Joel McHale in They’re on Cable: “When you’re not watching ‘Community,’ you can catch me on this show on E! that satirizes other shows (though sometimes they do the job themselves).”  Brian‘s Coryat was 8400. KC’s was 12000, and Nick’s was 9400.