Sara, Smile

     Today’s episode was entertaining starting with the introduction of the contestants.  The first contestant introduced, Mary Mitchell, was from Washington, D.C.!  (You may know I just came from there for the unofficial Jeopardy! reunion that coincided with the National History Bee and Bowl.)  Then, the next contestant, Jason Rhode, gave a dramatic and ecstatic salute to the camera, first pointing, then waving.  I had to take two pictures of him because he was moving so much, and still neither are that good!  I wish I had a picture of my dad imitating the move!  Then the returning 4-day champ, Sara Heard, had quite the opposite demeanor, which induced my dad, whose birthday is tomorrow!, to say, “Smile, Sara.”  Here they are:

Mary Mitchell

Jason Rhode

Jason Rhode, second attempt!

Sara Heard

      I was tweeting Buddy Wright, who like Jason is from Lubbock, Texas, to ask if he knew him, when my dad goes, “Look it…” so I look and he’s pointing at Jason’s wacky signature that had designs surrounding it.  By now I was really cracking up, and my dad was like, “We’re about 30 seconds into the show and you’re already having a good time.”
     I was already pausing so frequently that my dad picked up a book from the coffee table.  I was like, “Dad!” and he reassured me he was going to watch the show.  Later I had to pause again (which I try not to do when someone’s watching with me), and my dad joking picked up the book frantically and starting flipping pages like he was trying to cram in as much as he could while I was pausing.  I said to no one in particular, “This is going to be a longer blog post than most,” and my dad goes, “This is going to be a longer Jeopardy! episode than most.”
     Oh, yeah, there were clues after all this, too.  The first Daily Double came pretty quickly, in “Ark,” Who Goes There?  Mary found it.  She had 800 and each of her opponents had 600.  This was the clue: “The U.S. Patent Office has 3 types of intellectual property – patents, copyrights, and these.”  Mary got it right and added 1000 to her total.
     Did you guys know this triple-stumper in Biblical Book Titles?: “Macon ‘Milkman’ Dead is on a quest for his identity in this novel by Toni Morrison.”  As for this one in the same category, I was amazed that my dad knew it.  (He said he had taken a guess.) “One of Oprah’s picks was Jane Hamilton’s novel ‘The Book of’ her; sounds like just an Old Testament book.”
     At the first break, Sara had 200, Jason had 2000, and Mary had 3000.
     One of the Jeopardy round categories was 25-Game Winners, referring to baseball.  The category wound up being the last one finished, and my dad said during the round, “How come nobody wants baseball?”  He LOVES baseball, and his fantasy team means everything to him.  My dad blew through the category when they finally did get to it.  I said to him, “Did you sweep?”  And he goes, “Sweep?  What’s sweep?”  He was like, “Yeah” like it was no big deal.  At the end of the round, Sara had 3400, Jason had 2400, and Mary had 4800. 

     The first clue of the Double Jeopardy round was a triple-stumper that got my dad and I too, even though my dad is a chemistry teacher.  The category was The Mad Tea Party.  (The round featured an “Alice in Wonderland” theme.)  This was the clue, which I am interested in knowing if you guys knew: “The Tea Party is mad at government programs, like the cap and trade system meant to reduce this element.”
     Mary found the first Daily Double in the round, in The Looking Glass.  She had 10000 while Sara had 9000 and Jason had 6400.  Mary wagered 3000 on this clue: “This Rochester, N.Y. company named for 2 German men made the lenses for Cinemascope and won an Oscar for their work.”  Mary and my dad got it right.  My dad and I both got this triple-stumper right in the same category: “To make binoculars compact, most contain these triangular glass objects; the Porro type gives better depth perception.”
     Sara found the second Daily Double with one more clue remaining, in All a Dream.  She trailed with 10600, Jason had 15200, and Mary had 12200.  Sara wagered 7000 on this clue: “Misty thoughts while smoking opium are the origin of the expression this type of dream.”  I knew this one immediately, but Sara missed it.  She did get the last clue, worth 2000, right, so her score at the end of the round was 5600.
     The Final Jeopardy category was Authors.  This was the clue: “He died in 1995, the day before the opening of a Glasgow veterinary library named for him.”  I hate to admit I’d never heard of this person, especially after two of the contestants, Mary and Sara, got it right.  Neither of my parents got it either, though.  Sara added 3601 to her score, while Mary added 12100.  Jason lost 10000.  Mary, then, is your new champion.  As for Sara, I do believe her winnings total less than Buddy Wright’s.  So I think his ToC bid is safe, at least as far as she is concerned.  
     My Coryat today was 26600.  Mary‘s was 10800, Jason’s was 15200, and Sara’s was 12600.
     As if today’s episode wasn’t grand enough, I earlier had the pleasure of watching the match where Stephen Weingarten and Ryan Chaffee played each other in the regular season.  THEN, I got to watch Vijay Balse‘s first win.  (Click on the links to read my interviews with each man.)  Here are the Coryats:
(original airdate 12-24-09):
     Sarah Boyette 10600     Stephen Weingarten 11800     Ryan Chaffee 8400     Me 16800
(original airdate 3-4-10): Ann Rusthoven 9800     Vijay Balse 14600     Jordan Brand 15400     Me 20200
     The Jeopardy! fun isn’t over yet – I have three episodes that I missed while in D.C., waiting for me at home.
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