I’m blogging from McDonald’s tonight, but this time by choice.  I usually read the newspaper while I eat dinner but I’m avoiding Spelling Bee spoilers.  (Anybody else watch it?)  There was a “Bee” category in the Jeopardy round today!
     Today’s contestants:

Jericho Saria

Nancy Hale

Patrick Stubbins

     Jericho started today’s show a one-time champ. 
     I swept At the Drugstore off the bat.  Jericho nearly did but he guessed “Jergens” for this clue: “This skin care brand that’s “#1 dermatologist recommended” has a line of Norwegian formula moisturizers.”  Nancy picked it up.  Later, Jericho did sweep On a Swiss Army Knife.  I missed this last one in the category: “There are two of these, one for wood and one for metal.”
     I was pleased by this clue in Olympian Gods, because I had just last night reviewed a clue that I had missed before about this guy: “This Greek god had dominion over the sea, springs, and lakes, but not rivers.” I only missed this one in the same category: “Appropriately, the name of this Greek god means ‘male warrior.'”
     At the first break, Jericho had 1000, Patrick had 2600, and Nancy had 3200.
     Jericho found the Daily Double as the third to last clue, in Extraordinary Dentition.  Mr. Trebek said it took a “long, long time” to find it.  Jericho had 6400 while Nancy and Patrick were tied with 2800.  Jericho wagered 3000 on this softball of a clue: “Armadillo teeth don’t have this, the hardest substance in (most) mammals’ bodies.”  Jericho got it right.  At the end of the round, he had 9400 while Nancy and Patrick were still close to each other with 3600 and 3800, respectively.
     Double Jeopardy featured a themeboard about TV.  In fact the first Daily Double was found by Patrick in TV Shows on the Map.  He was still close to Nancy with 4800, and she had 5000.  Jericho still led with 13000.  Patrick wagered 3000 on this clue: “In 1985 the theme to this hip cop drama was tops on the Billboard charts.”  I’m still kicking myself over my lame “L.A. Law” guess.  No excuses.  Patrick got it right.
     When Patrick found the next Daily Double in The King of Queens, Mr. Trebek said there was less than a minute to go…and I counted SEVEN clues left!  The reason?  Jericho, who you can tell by his score was in control of the board a lot, selected clues very.  Very.  Slowly.  Yesterday I don’t know how they got through all the clues.  Today there were three left.  As for the Daily Double, Patrick and Nancy both narrowed the gap between them and Jericho with 11400, 10200, and 15800, respectively.  Regrettably, I didn’t write down Patrick’s wager here and I’m not by the TV.  He got this one wrong, though: “This Middle Eastern king’s marriage to Queen Noor in 1978 was his fourth.”  I got it right, which I followed up with this triple-stumper in the same category: “This ‘great’ Pharaoh of Egypt’s 19th dynasty had 60 daughters, 96 sons, and 200 wives and concubines.”
     At the end of the round, Jericho had 15400, Patrick had 7400, and Nancy had 12200.  The Final Jeopardy category was World History.  This was the clue: “Traditionally said to founded  421, this city was later built up on islands in a lagoon by refugees from invading Lombards.”  Okay, so it was pretty easy.  Mr. Trebek still didn’t have to say, “Of course” when Patrick’s correct response was revealed.  All three contestants got it right.  Patrick added 2000, Nancy added 5000, and Jericho added 9001 for the win.  We’ll see him Monday!
     My Coryat score today was 20800, but it felt like it was going to be higher.  Jericho‘s was 13400, Patrick’s was 9200, and Nancy’s was 12200.  The Coryats from the past couple days:
6-1: Maggie Berndt 12600     Michael Philpy 16200     Ty Cone 16800     Me 26000
6-2: Jericho Saria 22400     Steve Tipton 6200     Michael Philpy 14600     Me 21200