What a tangled web

     The Jeopardy! message boards have been down since about Thursday last week.  I miss it more than I would’ve thought (if I’d thought about it). I miss the people that post there, if it’s possible to miss people you haven’t really met.  I just hope they bring the boards back.  It would be such a shame to lose all that.  Does anyone know if this has ever happened before?  Of course, I welcome all boardies to discuss the show here instead, and I hope you will stay.
     Speaking of the J! boards, I found out earlier today that a fellow Kansas City auditioner (and boardie) is posting things he’s learned from studying for the test to his blog.  If you’re auditioning for Jeopardy! in Kansas City this year, I’d appreciate a comment!  I’m trying to find as many as possible.
     I finally picked out what I will wear to the audition.  It’s the same dress I returned because I wasn’t going to be able to wear it to the unofficial Jeopardy! reunion.  I almost chose this dress, which looks different on me than it does on the model:

Ruffled Neckline Princess Line Dress

     It’s so cute and fits like a dream.  But my sister, when I asked her, thinks it’s not quite right for the audition, and I agree.
     On another happy note, I am finally able to leave comments on this blog.  I know.  It sounds weird.  But I’ve been unable to respond to people’s comments on my own blog.  It seems I am still unable to when I use my “Google account,” at least from my own computer.  So I have to use my “AIM” account, which sucks because it doesn’t point directly to this blog.  (Does anybody have any ideas about this?)  If you’ve left a comment and I haven’t responded, I have now.  Go back and look if you’re so inclined.
     Today’s contestants:

Sam Meyer (He admits he still sleeps with his childhood teddy bear. ?)

Crystal Leonard (yet another stay-at-home mother)

Lindsey Peterson

     I swept Special “T”s to start off the game.  Lindsey almost did, but Crystal got the last clue in the category.
     I was dismayed to miss this clue in Annual Events: “The Saturday after Thanksgiving, Salley S.C. celebrates with a festival devoted to these fried pig intestines.”  My friend Catherine and I had just reviewed this clue with the same response over the weekend: “It’s the common 8-letter term for a hog’s innards, popularly fried or boiled.”  At the time I answered “gizzards.”  I knew that response wasn’t correct today, but I couldn’t come up with the right one in time.
     The next clue was the Daily Double, in the same category.  Sam found it, and he in fact found and answered correctly all three Daily Doubles today.  He had 1000, Lindsey had 2200, and Crystal had 600.  This was the clue: “Fence painting and frog jumping contests are highlights of an annual festival held in this Missouri city.”  I got it right, too.  Sam doubled his score.  At the first break, he had 3400, Lindsey had 2800, and Crystal had 2600.
     After the break, I swept Meet My Exes, including this triple-stumper: “John Lloyd, Greg Norman.”
     At the end of the round, Sam had 5400, Lindsey had 6800, and Crystal had 4000.
     The first Daily Double of the Double Jeopardy round was in Science.  It was the second clue of the round.  Sam had just answered the 400 clue correctly (although he may have taken a little bit too much time!), so he had 5800.  He wagered 3200 on this clue: “The name of this noble gas is from the Greek for ‘new.'”  I didn’t quite come up with before Sam did, but I did get this triple-stumper in the same category: “The Haber Process uses nitrogen and hydrogen to synthetically produce this pungent gas.”
     The second Daily Double was in Alphabetically Last.  Sam had 7800, Lindsey had 10400, and Crystal had 4400.  This was the clue: “…of Rome’s ‘First Triumvirate.'”  There was no way I was getting this one.  Sam added 2800 to his score.
     Sam made a costly mistake and lost his lead on the last clue of the round when he missed this clue in Leaning: “Take the apostrophe out of this word and it means to lean to one side.”  It wound up being a triple-stumper, and I didn’t get it either.  The scores, then going into Final Jeopardy: Sam with 12600, Lindsey with 13600, and Crystal with 12400.
     The Final Jeopardy category was Bestsellers.  This was the clue: “In the beginning, this 2005 novel was simply titled ‘Forks.'”  I didn’t get it right, but I’m guessing many people did.  Crystal got it right, but she wagered nothing!  But Sam got it right and added 12345, which would’ve been more than Crystal if she’d doubled (lucky for her).  Lindsey missed it and lost 11642.  Sam, then, is your two-day champion, and we will see him tomorrow.
     My Coryat score today was 22200.  Sam‘s was 9200, Lindsey’s was 13600, and Crystal’s was 12400.  Coryats from yesterday:
6-6: Sam Meyer 13600     Joanna Liff 11200     Jericho Saria 8400    Me 23000