There’s a place for us

     First, big news: A new Jeopardy! forum has been created to replace the Sony one that’s been down for so long.  (Thanks, Brandon, for letting me know on Twitter!)  I haven’t had a chance to look at the forum yet, but I’m eager to.  If you go, let me know what you think.
     Some thoughts on today’s episode:

  • I’m not sure I’ve heard of “Smith Barney.”
  • I couldn’t quite pull the trigger for “C.S. Lewis,” “granita,” “Alba,” and “of the United States.”
  • In Baltimore last week, I picked up “Searching for Bobby Fischer.”  I’ve been wanting to read it but have been worried that I wouldn’t learn new things as quickly as I would reading other things.  So I was pleased to see the “grandmaster” clue, but I would’ve gotten it anyway, I think.  By the way, if you’re ever in Baltimore, check out “Book Thing.”  It’s a “used bookstore” that gives its books away.  Very cool.
  • Like yesterday, I was a little surprised about a “be more specific,” in this case “Hillary.”
  • I swept the “land” category.
  • I was surprised by the “emeralds” triple-stumper.  I do have two sisters born in May, but I think I would’ve gotten it anyway.
  • I was a little disappointed in all of today’s low Daily Double wagers.
  • Final Jeopardy was a bit of a wild guess for me, but I got it.

     I think my scores are improving overall, because I get concerned when my score is 23400 (today’s, which is almost the same as yesterday’s 23600).  Rachel Winer’s Coryat was 15200, Ben Wong’s was 14000, and Josh Cabat’s was 10400.
     Next week, the dreaded (for me) Kids Week.

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