Yu win

     I’m so happy to be blogging again!  I was around last week, but I couldn’t find much to say during Kids Week.  I did play every episode standing up.  It wasn’t that easy!  I got restless and just wanted to sit down.  It makes me wonder what it’s like to stand for several games in a row.  I will try that next time I watch a tapeful of weekend episodes.  On a positive note, I think I developed a “stance” while holding the buzzer that works for me. 
     I did not answer every clue right in any Kids Week round.
     Today’s contestants:

Christopher Stephens

Rachel Winer

Damian Yu
     The Daily Double of the Jeopardy round was found 3 clues in (“way too early” according to Mr. Trebek) by Christopher, in Colleges and Universities.  He had 400 while Damian had 200 and Rachel had -400.  Christopher wagered 1000 on this clue: “In 2010 Cam Newton became this university’s third Heisman Trophy winner.”  I thought Christopher gave up way too soon, but I answered too quickly, too.  He said “Ohio State,” and I said “Alabama.”  I bet everyone else in the country knew the correct response.

     I was pleased about The Vatican category, but I needed help on a clue in order to figure my Coryat score.  Here’s the clue: “These are against the rules at the Vatican, so Benedict XVI had to leave his shorthair, Chico, back in Germany.”  I responded “dogs.”  I asked two of my animal-loving friends if a shorthair is even a dog, and they both said it is.  I asked the same question on the new Jeopardy! message boards, and was told that a shorthair is also a cat, and in fact Chico is a cat.  (And, Chico wrote a book!)  I’ve since counted my response wrong, then.
     Those same two friends were reviewing clues with me this weekend, and we covered this subject that came up in today’s episode in My Son, the Doctor: “His mother, Grace, passed away in 1928, the year he observed that a certain mold inhibited bacterial growth.”
     One of those two friends also happened to mention this (I need to hang out with them more often!): “This city’s ‘best’ is a brand owned by Starbucks.”  (Category Like Some Coffee?)
     The second clue with a questionable response for me was in Double Jeopardy, in Get “Set.”  I said “upset” for this clue: “You suffer one when you experience a reverse or defeat.”  I threw it out on the message boards, and was told by one person it was acceptable.  So I’ll take it.
     At the first break, Rachel had 0, Damian had 1000, and Christopher had 2800.  At the end of the Jeopardy round, Rachel had 600, Damian had 4400, and Christopher had 6600.
     Damian found the first Daily Double of the Double Jeopardy round, in Born and Died.  He led with 11200, Rachel had 4600, and Christopher still had 6600.  He wagered 2000 on this clue: “Born in Sweden in 1833, he went out without a bang in San Remo, Italy in 1896.”  I should’ve gotten this right, but I didn’t.  Damian did.
     Damian found the next Daily Double, too, in My Son, the Doctor.  Mr. Trebek had just given the “less-than-a-minute-to-go” warning, with four clues left.  Damian had 14400, Rachel had 8200, and Christopher had 12600.  Damian wagered 1600 on this clue: “In a scene from a 2010 HBO movie, this doctor talks about his mother’s long, painful last illness.”  I didn’t know it, but once again, Damian did.
     The Final Jeopardy category was 18th Century Quotations.  Rachel had 9400, Damian had , and Christopher had .  This was the clue: “2 yrs. before his 1794 execution, he said, ‘I am no courtier, nor moderator…nor defender of the people; I am myself the people.'”  All three contestants guessed the same thing, and were wrong!  I had no guess.  It bugged me a little when Damian said the correct response after his clue was revealed but before Mr. Trebek said what it was.  Duh, Damian: Almost anyone could get it right after Mr. Trebek gave a big hint!  Anyway, Rachel lost 1000, Christopher lost 6201, and Damian lost 7601.  He finished, then, with 1599 more than Rachel, and he is your new champion.
     My Coryat was a disappointing 18800.  Rachel‘s was 9400, Damian’s was 15600, and Christopher’s was 13600.

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