A Christmas gift for you and me

     I’ve staged a Christmas coup – an interview with none other than “thejeopardyfan”/just-plain-fan favorite Stefan Goodreau.
     Stefan was a 5-time champ in 2009.  He was a Tournament of Champions finalist in 2010, ultimately defeated by Vijay Balse.  I notice that the 2010 Tournament of Champions was right in the middle of Buddy Wright‘s regular-season run.  I’ve interviewed both of those gentlemen, too!
     I had the pleasure of meeting Stefan briefly at O’Brien’s pub quiz in Santa Monica, when I went to California to tape Jeopardy!  I have to admit I started making a list of questions in case I ever got brave enough to ask for an interview.  It wasn’t long before I had plenty.  Anyway I’m not sure what I was afraid of, and I’m glad I got over it!
     Here are some more “thejeopardyfan” entries that have featured Stefan:

     So, what questions do you have for him?  Leave a comment or tweet me!