Greer and Clothing in Los Angeles

     Recent Coryats:2-3: 30200
originally 12-30-05: 23000
     I went to the archive hoping that today’s episode would be there, since I watched the episode from my friend‘s hospital room (this time in Minnesota!) and didn’t have access to a recording. I was faked out at first – not only was today’s episode there, but tomorrow’s was there too! When I didn’t see the names of today’s contestants, I thought the episode wasn’t posted yet. Come to find out it still really isn’t (as of this writing).
     So needless to say conditions were not ideal, but I am just grateful to have seen the show without interruption. (If I’m being picky, there was also no closed-caption and the sound was softer because it came from the little call light device.) I could’ve gone back to the hotel room but I didn’t want to leave my friend since that’s why I came. Also the walk is a long one, and I’d already made it to get my netbook and Coryat scoresheet. Today I lucked out because, unlike the last hospitalization, the TV was low enough that I could take the contestants’ pictures, as long as they didn’t blink or make a weird face when I took the picture:

Marie McGraw
Sarah Bauer

Greer Mackebee

     I wish I had a picture of Mr. Trebek’s funky tie: purple with pink polka dots.
     At the first break, Marie (I keep thinking her name is Emily) led with 4800 while Sarah had 1200 and Greer had 1000. It didn’t seem like her lead should have been that much, at that time. But she led through most if not all of the game. When Sarah found the Daily Double of the round in a category about strings, she had 3400, Greer had 1800, and Marie had 6000. The clue was about a guy named Donald Duncan, and they were looking for “What is yo-yo?” Sarah guessed string cheese and lost 2000. I got it right but it was a guess, and I’d never heard of Duncan. I looked him up just now. He founded the Duncan Toy Company, which I think I have heard of.
     The only one I missed in the category was about tennis, oddly enough! I didn’t know the strings were Kevlar, and I’d never have pulled that out.
     At the end of the round, Sarah had 2000, Greer had 3400, and Marie had 5800. Until we came back from the commercial break, I hadn’t noticed how Sarah was holding her buzzer. Mr. Trebek mentioned it then but I noticed it too – She had it poised in mid-air. Then when she pushed it it seemed like she was wasting a lot of time in the move before actually plunging down on the button. But it seemed to be working.
     I swept Pop Culture, but I was clueless about the clue that Jeopardy! tweeted this afternoon from that category: “In the last episode of this NBC spy comedy, Subway buys out the Buy More.” Speaking of Twitter, while I was looking for this clue I discovered that 4-time champ Bill MacDonald is on Twitter now! As I tweeted him, this is AWESOME. I deleted it because I’d asked “When did you join Twitter?!” even though I could see he posted his first tweet today. But he responded to it around the same time! He’s gonna be an asset to the scene.
     I also swept Around the Whirled. And how was “clef” a triple-stumper? (I wish I had the clue!)
     Like one of the female contestants, I said “Zeus and Hera” when they wanted “Jupiter and Juno” in the Pairs The next clue was the Daily Double, in the same category. They wanted “Troilus and Cressida” but Greer said something like it but not right. He lost 3000.
     At the end of the round, the game was close. Sarah had 12400, Greer had 10400, and Marie still led with 12900. The Final Jeopardy category was Colonial History. It could’ve been from the Pairs category! They wanted two men in the response. (Sorry, no one’s posted the clue on the message boards yet.) I was thinking about Paul Revere and…someone. They wanted Mason and Dixon, which never crossed my mind. Greer was the only one of the three to get it right. He added 7600 to his total, so he’s lucky he got it right. The other two guessed Lewis and Clark. Sarah lost 3600 and Marie lost 2000. We’ll see Greer for sure in the semis, then.
     My Coryat in the Double Jeopardy round alone was 24800, a good day any other time! My Coryat for the whole game was 33400.

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