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     The title of this post did not mean this at first, but it could apply to this being the zillionth time an entry hasn’t posted when I use the scheduling feature. Arrrrggggh!!! This time it was about an hour and a half later than I intended. This weekend it was 10 1/2 hours before I noticed. Moving on (this time anyway)…
     Now that I’ve been on the show I don’t think much about the Jeopardy! test. (My how things change!) But my Twitter friend pointed out to me that the adult test this year takes place on a certain date…March 28th (my airdate). Apparently there was some kind of meltdown on the Jeopardy! site in January, so the kids, college, and teen tests are being offered for those who didn’t take it. They did have a test the night I signed up (for fun of course), but I couldn’t do it because I had to use my netbook and I couldn’t get the test to work on it. So I may well take it that night.
     Speaking of official Jeopardy! stuff, have you guys been back to those boards? I went this morning after my same Twitter friend said that those boardies thought Reid Rodgers’ Final Jeopardy response should’ve been accepted. I couldn’t see it well myself because the closed captioning was covering it up, but people I trust to know such things say the call was a fair one. (Incidentally, dude’s from North Platte.)
     Now, I’ve said I was going to remind you every time I blogged that I’m looking for the contestants whose episodes are airing March 19th-30th. I didn’t yesterday, but it was a special occasion! I’m still looking. I’d like at least two more.
     Some recent Coryats:
originally 1-13-06: 22600
originally 9-14-10: 24000
     (Unfortunately it looks like I was using my Jeopardy Challenger rather than the Coryat system last time I played these Roger episodes.)
originally 9-15-10: 38200!
originally 9-16-10: 20300
3-12-12: 18000
     Thank you to the archive for having today’s game posted already. That makes blogging at my parents’ much easier since the TV and computer are not in the same room.
     Today’s contestants:

Sonia Saraiya

Jessamine Price

Patrick Antle
     Patrick looks like Ryan Gosling, and he also has his swagger. Gosling, by the way, was featured in today’s tweeted clue. (I haven’t seen the movie, but I got the correct response.) And look, Patrick seems to be literally going out of his way – leaning a little to one side – to stand out.

     As for Jessamine, I saw this morning that today is Dana Delany’s 56th birthday (she looks amazing), and it got me to thinking that Jessamine looks a little like her. Jessamine, though, is younger. She basically admitted her age when she said she was a high school senior 20 years ago.
     As Mr. Trebek was walking out, I was thinking about saying here that Jessamine kept backing into her wins, but I thought that might be thought of as mean. Apparently not, as Mr. Trebek said those very words. (Not that he’s never been mean, that’s for sure!)
     I had a hot start, going 13 for 15 before the first break. At that time, Jessamine had 3800, Patrick had 2800, and Sonia had 1600. I had swept the easy Same-Named Writers. I cooled off a little after the break, though. I hadn’t answered any right in River Damage when Jessamine found the Daily Double there. She had 4400, Patrick had 3400, and Sonia had 1200. Jessamine wagered 1400 on this clue: “A ‘dead zone’ in the Gulf of Mexico is mainly caused by an excess of this element, much of it carried by the Mississippi.” I’m pretty good with science but I thought this one was a toughie. Jessamine got it right.
     Before the round was over, I also swept the also-easy Slang. When it was over, Jessamine had an impressive 8200 while Patrick had 4400 and Sonia had 3200.
     The Double Jeopardy round had a clue about “Sofia” in the 200 spot (in European Geography): “Kazanlak, 100 miles east of Sofia in the Valley of Roses of this country, is known for its roses used in perfumes.” I had just seen a clue about Sofia in the 1600 spot in one of the above Roger Craig games this weekend. And I got it right then, too, thank you very much! Roger did too. It was in World Leaders: “Former Sofia mayor Boyko Borissov is now its prime minister.”
     Sonia found the first Daily Double of the round, also in European Geography. She had 4800 while Patrick had 5600 and Jessamine had 7800. She wagered 2400 on this toughie: “The city of St. Petersburg lies at the eastern end of this gulf named for a nearby country.” I couldn’t manage anything remotely reasonable, and Sonia missed it, too.
     Jessamine found the next Daily Double, in Phenomena. We thought she had 10600, but a previous call was overturned involving this clue in X-Y-Z Abbrevs.: “XRT (a medical method).” As you can see by rolling your arrow over the red text, just about anything was accepted, except my “technology”! Jessamine’s response of “tomography” was deemed acceptable, giving her an extra 4000 to consider when she wagered. Patrick had 12400 and Sonia had 3200. Jessamine wagered 2000 on this softball: “This term for a lucky type of visible electrical discharge is a corruption of Erasmus, a patron saint of sailors.” I got this one right, and so did Jessamine!
     At the end of the round, Jessamine was still leading with 21000 while the ever-smiling Patrick had 14800 and Sonia still had 3200. The Final Jeopardy category was Fictional Women. This was the clue: “After dying, she’s described as having ‘too much of water’,
& her brother says, ‘therefore I forbid my tears.'” I thought about this the whole time and could only come up with “Eva” from Uncle Tom’s Cabin, knowing very little about the book. My mom guessed “Madame Bovary.” My mom, by the way, had earlier in the show yelled “I know it!” when it was time to “ring in,” rather than just say the correct response. I love my mom! 🙂
     Patrick looked totally relaxed when the camera showed him during the Think Music, and for good reason – He’s the only one that came up with a correct response. Sonia lost everything and she seemed oddly okay with it. Patrick added 8000, and Jessamine lost 8001. (My own Coryat was 20800.) But this was the best part, and I close with this. I showed it to my sister, and she said this guy must be a Wheel of Fortune fan!
     But first: I noticed Patrick shook hands with Jessamine before coming out from behind the lecterns, something we were firmly told not to do! Til tomorrow, and hopefully on time!:

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