Antle’s Antics

     I love it when I know I’m gonna have a blast blogging by the time the contestants are introduced. (But it feels bad for my Coryat!) I’ve been eager to see what Patrick Antle‘s gonna do today ever since he went way over-the-top in the very best way after winning yesterday. I like – no, LOVE – this guy’s style, and I continued to through this episode! In fact I was so eager to start today that I watched the show in two parts. (Potentially bad for my Coryat, once again.)
     Today’s contestants:

Patrick Antle (He still looks like he’s on cloud 9!
And who wouldn’t be?)

Michael Gurshtein (Yes, it was “thin films” engineer.)

Rebecca Blustein

     It’s weird, I was just thinking about the stoic John Krizel, because of Patrick’s demonstrativeness. Michael looks a lot like him! And I didn’t notice it til the end, but he looks like Leonard Nimoy too.
     A couple other things about Patrick – Yesterday I thought he looked like Ryan Gosling, but today I think there’s someone else. I can’t put my finger on it. Ideas? I’m thinking it’s a guy who played a villain. Strange stance on this guy, too. I don’t think I’d have tried the arms-folded position!
     I started strong, sweeping Singers in Song. I didn’t realize it was “in” and not “and” til I’d already swept! I look at my Coryat sheet rather than the screen when the categories are revealed! I did notice in the Double Jeopardy round that they misspelled “their” in the category They Go By Thier First Initial. Mr. Trebek had said A Dazzling Internal Organ Solo was “strange,” but I think that is! Closed captioning had it right when Michael selected it.
     Michael found the Daily Double of the round, before the first break. He had 1600 while Patrick had 2000 and Rebecca, polar opposite of Patrick, had nothing yet. Michael wagered 800 on this clue in Ivy League Schools: “This school plays its home football games at Franklin Field.” Like Michael, I said “Yale,” in my case because it was like, “Pick an Ivy League school.” Incidentally, I see on Twitter that Patrick goes to Tufts.
     At the first break, Patrick was hurtin’ ’em with 6000 to Rebecca’s 600 and Michael’s 200.
     You’re in luck – This is the second consecutive entry where I have a video for you! It’s too good to pass up. From Patrick’s interview:

     What do you think? I don’t know, I wouldn’t mess with him!
     I get embarrassed for contestants when they say “What is…” before selecting a category. Patrick did that once today.
     Mr. Trebek gave the one-minute warning with 6 clues left in the round. Is it just me, or was Patrick selecting clues slowly after that warning? At the end of the round, Patrick was still killin’ ’em with 9400 to Rebecca’s 2600 and Michael’s 1000.
     Michael found the first Daily Double of the Double Jeopardy round, three clues in. He had 1800, Patrick had 9000, and Rebecca still had 2600. Michael was so sweet. He said, “Well, in case I never get the chance, let’s go 2000.” With an intro like that, I thought he was gonna “make it a true Daily Double.” This was the clue, in They Go By Thier (Their?) First Initial: “H is for Henry: billionaire who had a reform party.” He and I got it right!
     I swept the dumb A “Whey” with Puns before Patrick found the next Daily Double in A Dazzling Internal Organ Solo. Not to be outdone, he said “Just in case I don’t get a chance to say this – 5 dollars.” This was the clue, read by Jeopardy! regular Dr. Oz: “One reason to always wear your seat belt is for the protection of this organ under the diaphragm, which creates vital antibodies.” Patrick doesn’t know much about the human body, sorry! “Thyroid”?! I hope no one’s seat belt rests there! There was even a diagram with the clue. Anyway, I got this one right. Patrick said, “I can live with it” of losing 5 dollars.
     I had also gotten this triple-stumper in the same category: “Our tour now hits the islets of Langerhans, which carry out the endocrine functions of this pear-shaped gland.” Patrick negged here with “adrenal gland,” but that’s less egregious than the Daily Double incident.
     This time the “less than a minute” warning came with 7 clues left! And two clues remained covered, in Women Directors. It’s too bad, as I’d been 3/3.
     How did Michael catch up the way he did? And Rebecca too, for that matter! Michael had 13000, Rebecca had 9800, and Patrick had 13795. ! I don’t remember pulling for a contestant, at least recently, like I did for Patrick at this point. The Final Jeopardy category was 20th Century Names. This was the clue: “Chapters in his autobiography include ‘Outcaste,’ ‘First Day in Pretoria,’ & ‘Fasting as Penance.'” I knew my guess of “Mandela” was wrong when Mr. Trebek said they would accept misspellings as long as there were no extra syllables. Why did he go out of his way to say that, anyway? Rebecca said “Mandela” too, and lost 5000. Michael got it right, and added 12000! Patrick, sadly, said “Desmond Tutu,” a name that crossed my mind too, and lost 13000. Bummer. He did seem to have a good time, but that wouldn’t console me if I were him. But I don’t have a problem with Michael. We’ll see him tomorrow, but you won’t see me for a while – Except for me posting an article I expect to appear in the Kearney Hub tomorrow (Saturday/Sunday!), this will be my last blog post until my airdate March 28th – Starting Monday I will have contestants from the next two weeks guest-blog about their experience. (Now you know why I was trying to find them!) First up: Vince Gatton, whose appears Tuesday, March 20th. (Yes, it’s spoiler-free.) Bring it, Vince!
     By the way, I guess the stop-and-go wasn’t as bad for my Coryat as I thought – It was 29400!

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