Wifi fo fum

     I’m at my Mom and Dad’s, which gives me a chance to try out their new wifi. They’d spent the night elsewhere because it was their anniversary (37 years!). They didn’t know I was coming so I texted them asking if there was anything I needed to know to make the wifi work – Turns out you need a password. They told me where they thought I could find it but I couldn’t. Eventually I heard back from them again, and now I’ve found the password and all is well. This makes blogging so much easier, I can’t even tell ya.
     Today’s contestants:

Kathy Wright

David Menchaca

Stu Weaver

     Kathy was a two-time champ coming into today, already with more money than Beau Henson won in his four games. Would she pass him on the ToC list today? By the way, Kathy and David are both answering questions for the blog, so hit me with a comment below if there’s anything you want to know. Stu looks like fun, and you’d think he’d be a snap to find since he’s got his own website, but there’s no way to contact him there! 🙁 Maybe he’ll find us.
     Okay, admit it: You sang the words “West Virginia” when you read the category Almost Heaven: West Virginia.
     Were you surprised by David’s deep voice? I was!
     What was Kathy’s beef with Amazon? She seemed like she tried to sound bummed when she gave that response. Amazon’s a long-time friend of mine. 🙂
     I’m pretty sure I’d have gotten this one anyway, but I took note of it yesterday when O’Brien’s tweeted the picture of their winning team for the week: (in Websites from A to Z): “F: Tag your pics on this photo-sharing site owned by Yahoo!” (See 2007 college champ and later ToC runner-up Cliff Galiher in the picture? I got to meet him when I went to the pub after my own taping.)
     Kathy found the first Daily Double in War Poetry. She’d gotten 2 right and had 600. Stu and David had each gotten 4 right and had 2200 and 2000 respectively. Kathy wagered 600 on this clue: “Robert Bly’s ‘At a March Against’ this war.” She and I got it right.
     David and Kathy each got two more right before the first break. Kathy had 2800 then and David had 4000. At the end of the round, Kathy and David had each gotten 6 more right and had 6400 and 6000 respectively. (David also negged once.) Stu had gotten 2 more right and had 3600.
     I was pretty surprised this was a triple-stumper, in A Pop Quiz: “In Genesis he built an altar, laid the wood & then laid his son upon the wood.” I got this triple-stumper too in the same category: “His son Crown Prince Naruhito is heir to the Japanese throne.”
     When Stu found the first Daily Double of the Double Jeopardy round in Golden Boys & Girls, he’s gotten 3 right and had 6800. David had gotten 10 right and had 1 neg in the round so far, and had 14800. Kathy had gotten 5 right and had 10000. Stu wagered 3200 on this clue: “In 1995, he published a candid memoir called ‘Breaking the Surface.'” He and I knew it instantly.
     Kathy found the next Daily Double in Where Ya Of? She’d gotten 3 right since Stu’s Daily Double and had 14000. David had gotten 2 right and had 18400. Stu had gotten 1 right and had 10800. Kathy wagered 4000 on this one: “A power in Richard II’s court, John of this was so called for his birthplace of Ghent, not because he was skinny.” I’d never heard of this, but Kathy got it right. This was the second to last clue of the round. Kathy got the last clue right and ended the round with 20000.
     I was on a roll til the final. I totally smashed it in fact, the whole game long. It’s my best in a while, I’m sure. I swept Hollywood’s Middle Initials, Brit Speak, Websites from A to Z, Golden Boys & Girls, and A Pop Quiz. My Coryat was 32800 with 44 right, and only one neg!
     The final, however…the category was U.S. Top-Selling Albums, which was good news for me. This was the clue: “The bestselling album of all time by a female is a 20 million seller by this woman who started singing at age 8 in Ontario.” I fell into the same trap as all three contestants and said “Celine Dion” without thinking twice about it. Mr. Trebek seemed like he was expecting people to guess that. Stu lost all but a dollar. David lost 2500. Kathy lost 16800, enough to lose the game. David is back tomorrow.
     While I’m sorry Kathy lost, as she has been a presence on the J! message boards, I heaved a sigh of relief and said a prayer of gratitude that Beau was not passed on the list of potential ToC candidates.
     Recent Coryats:
originally 9-19-08: 16800 (23800 without negs)
originally 9-22-08: 18200 (23400 without negs. I also had too many clams that should’ve been correct responses, but at least I got pictures of a cute haircut. I like her outfit too, for what that’s worth.)
originally 9-23-08: 21600 (25400 without negs. The Final Jeopardy category was Tennis! I aced it ;-), but I remember I did at the time, too. And I thought only the biggest tennis fans would get it right! It was a triple-stumper. I’d kinda like to put it on the poll. Would that bug you guys? Of course, you could always leave a comment on this entry whether you got it right.)
originally 9-24-08: just 12800 (19000 without negs). I struggled here as usual to ring in on ones I had right and shut up on ones that were gonna be wrong.
originally 11-26-10: 24800. It looks like I didn’t keep score the first time I watched because I just didn’t feel like it. ?
originally 12-14-10: 30200. I’d forgotten about how Tom Nissley claps for himself til I saw the final on this one! The first time I watched it, I guess I didn’t keep score either. 🙁 What was the matter with me?
originally 12-15-10: 19400 (26000 without
negs). I kept score the first time but I guess I was using the Challenger. 🙁