You Won at Jeopardy!

     As usual, some recent Coryats to kick off the post:
9-26-12: 23800 (31000 without negs) 🙁
9-27-12: 32000 (33400 without negs, and there were several where I should’ve rung in!)
originally 1-7-09: 14400 (21600 without negs)
originally 1-8-09: 29800 (33200 without negs)
originally 1-9-09: 26200 (29400 without negs)
originally 1-12-09: 19600 (25200 without negs) 🙁
originally 1-13-09: 20800 (25400 without negs)
originally 1-14-09: 28200 (30400 without negs)
     I hope I got ’em all now. And look, if you keep track of any Coryats, feel free to post ’em. I started a guy keeping track of his Coryats, but he e-mailed me one and said his was better than mine that day. That’s fine but I encouraged him to comment here, too! And even if you don’t get the Game Show Network, you could play the episodes off the archive. Five-time champ Stefan Goodreau has been posting his season 25 Coryats here. This is a golden opportunity for Jeopardy! hopefuls because he earned these scores when he was preparing for his own successful regular-season appearance, also in season 25. Here‘s the first place he’s posted Coryats.
     Now for today’s episode. Don’t forget, Sara‘s answering questions for us. So if you’ve got any for her, please leave a comment below!

Erik Dresner of Elmhurst NY (Does this guy remind you a little of Tom Nissley? And what’s with all these tall guys?)
Michelle Princi of Silver Spring MD
Sara Lehmann of Albuquerque NM

     I swept the easy Starts with “Gh” before the first break. And I’m putting this one on the poll from Month, Please. I don’t know how the contestants could not have known the correct response to this 200 clue: “The Supreme Court begins its new term.” No one even rang in! But hey, no one negged by this first break. Sara and Erik each had 5 right and Michelle had 4 right. Sara, though, led with 3800. Erik had 2000, and Michelle had 2200.
     The Daily Double was the last clue of the round, in The 19th Century. Erik and Michelle had each gotten 4 right since the break, and Erik had also gotten one wrong. He had 4600 and Michelle had 4000. Sara had gotten 5 right and one wrong, and had 6000. I have to admit I was hoping she’d be wise and wager it all, and she did. Here is the clue: “A 20th century Italian dictator was named for this 1860s president of Mexico.” She gave it some thought and came up with it.
     Erik found the first Daily Double of the Double Jeopardy round. He’d gotten 7 right and one wrong in the round, but he still trailed Sara, who’d gotten 4 right and one wrong. He had 11800 and Sara had 16800. Michelle, like Sara, had gotten 4 right and one wrong. She had 5600. Mr. Trebek encouraged Erik to wager 5000 like Sara had done thrice yesterday (counting the final), but Erik admitted he wasn’t feeling brave and wagered 3200. This was the softball clue, in 13-Letter Words: “The process of treating rubber with sulfur & heat to improve its elasticity and strength.”
     I was waiting waiting waiting for the next Daily Double, and it finally came with 2 clues left after it, all in Archipelagos. Michelle found it. She’d gotten 2 right since the last Daily Double and had 7200. Sara had gotten 2 right and 3 wrong, and had 16000. Erik had gotten 2 right and 1 wrong and had 14200. Michelle wagered 4000 on this clue: “Rising to only 206 feet, Mount Alvernia on Cat Island is the highest point in this nation off Florida’s SE coast.” Michelle got it right! Sara got one more right, and Erik got one more wrong. The scores going into the final were: Sara 17600, Michelle 11200, and Erik 12200. How would you wager? I’m not sure what I missed but Mr. Trebek said this final category, Modern Opera, was going to influence the wagering. This was the clue: “This opera begins with Air Force One landing at Beijing.” I must admit this one should’ve been easy, but I managed to say what Michelle did (and she had it wrong). Michelle lost 10000. I might’ve wagered nothing or no more than 400, expecting Sara to wager 6800 in case Erik doubles. Erik got it right and added 10201! That looked like a wager to cover Michelle if she’d doubled. If I were in Erik’s shoes I might’ve wagered 1400, again expecting Sara to wager 6801. I was surprised Sara did not get this one, and didn’t even write a response. She lost 5600. You and I will see Erik tomorrow!
     My Coryat today was 18600; 25600 without negs. Yeah, ouchie.