Three contestants in search of an author

      Originally 2-26-09: 25K (31600 without negs). I thought it was cruel to neg Leland on the last clue of Double Jeopardy. What do you think? This was the clue, in Back at the CBC: “In 1967, the CBC International Broadcast Center was used by crews from all around the world who were here to report on this World’s Fair.” Leland said, “What is the Montreal Exposition?” then “What is the…uh…Montreal World Exposition?” Mr. Trebek said they were going for “Expo 67.” A correct response would’ve given Leland a lock on the game. Luckily for him the Final was a triple-stumper, and his lead was big enough that he didn’t have to wager much. I too had to subtract 1600 on that clue.
     Originally 2-27-09: 32400 (33400 without negs)
     Originally 6-13-12: I believe my score was 24600, with 2200 in negs. (Don’t ask.) The first time I played, my Coryat was 18800 (23800 with no negs).
     Originally 3-2-09: 25000 (27600 without negs)
     Okay, time for the 2-day end of the Teachers Tournament! The finalists:

Colby Burnett of Chicago IL
Michael Farabaugh of Charlottesville VA
Kate Wilson of Montgomery AL


     I still don’t understand what TV CV means, but I’m sure someone reading this does. (Please leave a comment!) 😉 I was 3/5 in the category, and it might’ve been 4/5 if I’d known what they were asking in this first clue exposed in the category: “‘Friends’ (Rachel), ‘Dirt’ (Tina Harrod).” Michael apparently knew, because he got this one right. Later, Colby, Mr. Trebek and I all pronounced this correct response differently: “‘Family Guy’ (the voice of Meg), ‘That ’70s Show’ (Jackie).”
     As for Witty Lines, my mom and I guessed “Somalia” for this tweeted clue. I wonder how many other people did. Do you/did you guys know the answer? And speaking of this category, I’ve never hard of this guy and I don’t know the TOM that led to the correct response: “This comic deadpanned, ‘I stayed up one night playing poker with tarot cards. I got a full house & 4 people died.'”
     Kate started out hot, getting 4 of 5 in Which Part of Speech? She got 2 others by the first break and had 4600. Only Michael had negged (once) by the first break. He had also gotten 4 right but had just 400. Colby had gotten 5 right and had 3000.
     I’m so glad Michael squeezed in the names of all his daughters. I thought it would’ve been quite a diss, although probably an unintentional one, if he hadn’t!
     Colby found the Daily Double of the Jeopardy round, with 4 clues after it on the board. He’d gotten 3 right since the break and had 4200. Kate had gotten one right and one wrong, and also had 4200. Michael had gotten 5 right and one wrong, and had surged to 2800. Colby described himself as “gunshy” and wagered 1000 on this clue in In 1867…: “She wed a doomed physician suffering from alcoholism perhaps contributing to her violent hatred of booze.” He got it right. If only he’d wagered it all!
     Kate and Michael each got one of those final four clues, and Colby got two of them. The scores going into Double Jeopardy: Kate 4400 (hey!), Colby 6600, and Michael 3800.
     Michael found the first Daily Double of the Double Jeopardy round, in Geology. He and Colby had gotten 4 right in the round and had 6600 and 9400 respectively. Kate had gotten 2 right and had 6400. Michael wagered 3000 on this clue: “Naturally, plenty of coal was formed in this geologic period, 360 million to 300 million B.C.” I wouldn’t have gotten this, but Michael did.
     He found the next Daily Double too, shortly after that first one of the round. He’d gotten 2 right and now had what Mr. Trebek described as “a comfortable lead” of 12000. Colby and Kate had each gotten one wrong and had 8200 and 5600 respectively. Michael wagered 3000 again on this one in Around the Mediterranean: “Balzac described it as ‘a French island basking in the Italian sun.” He got it right again! When he went to Herb & Spice History next, my closed-captioning said he selected “Urban Spice History.”
     I swept Celebrity Sibling Surnames. These were my triple-stumpers in the game:

  • In “Pro”s & “Con”s: “From the Latin for ‘to know,’ it’s a person with expert knowledge or training.”
  • In Celebrity Sibling Surnames: “Julianne & Derek, of ‘Dancing with the Stars’ fame.”
  • I got this one in Herb & Spice History thanks to a triple-stumper in the 6-13 game I mention above: “To show remorse after murdering his wife, Nero may have burned a year’s supply of this spice that comes in quills.”

     At the end of the round, Kate had gotten 4 right and 3 wrong since Michael’s second Daily Double. She had 6000. Colby had gotten 2 right and had 11800, and Michael had gotten one wrong and had 13000. Don’t forget now, the contestants have tomorrow to consider in this two-day final. The Final Jeopardy category today was European Authors. This was the clue: “Amazon said this author who died in 2004 was the first to sell a million Kindle eBooks.” I didn’t try on this one because I had turned on the TV early and heard Mr. Trebek say the author had written a trilogy, but I wouldn’t have gotten it. Kate didn’t have a response and she lost 3000. Colby was wrong and lost 1200. Michael was wrong too and lost 3000. A triple-stumper! So it’s not clear, as it sometimes is, who will win the tournament.
     My Coryat today was 16600, and this is no excuse but I might add I was watching it at home, and it’s just a little bit different. I had 5200 in negs, and it even felt like more.