How you remind me

Recent Coryats:
Originally 7-2-12: 30000 (31400 without negs). The first time I played, my score was 24000 (27400 without negs).
Originally 4-17-09: 24600 (29400 without negs. Two of those negs were 2000 clues.)

This week’s contestants:
Joan Blinn of Chicago IL
Diva Bole of Elkton MD
Katie Collins of Philadelphia PA
James Hawthorne, Jr. of Rochester NY
Helen Juvonen of Toronto, ON Canada
Patrick Mooney of St. Louis MO
Eric Reiberg of Indianapolis IN

     And today’s contestants:

Kristin Morgan of Huntsville AL, in her best clothes, hair and lips yet.

Tim Courchaine of Everett MA

Scott Mitchell of New York NY

     Didn’t I say Kristin could go shopping if she had to, after her third win on Friday?
     Okay, so I was dying to find out if I was gonna alter the ToC list today. Here we go.
     I confidently said what Tim did (and was wrong) on this one in Singing the Blues: “The Delta Blues went electric thanks to artists like Muddy Waters & Howlin’ Wolf moving to this Midwest city.” No one else rang in.
     Was anyone else surprised to see the correct response described as a “tributary,” on this one in Muddy Waters?: “This Mississippi tributary nicknamed the ‘Big Muddy’ is described as ‘too thick to drink and too thin to plow.” Kristin got this one, but even she looked a little surprised when she gave the response.
     This next clue in the same category reminded me of the 7-2 episode above that I had just watched, because this national park was mentioned there too: “These outlets are associated with clear, cool water — not so with the ‘boiling mud’ ones in Lassen Volcanic National Park.” I’d never have gotten this one, either. Kristin got this one too! At the “first break of the week” as Mr. Trebek called it, she’d gotten 8 right and had 4200. Scott had gotten 2 right and had 1000, and Tim had gotten 4 right and the one wrong, and had 2600.
     Tim’s adorable. I love how he seems to laugh a little after each response he gives. And I like that he participated in the Geography Bee as a kid. When Mr. Trebek asked how he did, Tim said, “I did pretty well…” and Mr. Trebek said “Okay, good for you,” and Tim added “…all things considered.” Hmm, suspicious!
     Kristin found the Daily Double of the round in Dr. John. She had gotten 5 right and one wrong since the break, and had 6600. Scott had gotten one right and one wrong and had 1200, and Tim had gotten one wrong and had 2400. Kristin wagered on this clue: “This Ph.D. in psychology wrote the seminal 1913 article ‘psychology as the behaviorist views it.'” And once again, I didn’t have a prayer. Kristin didn’t get it either. Mr. Trebek pointed out helpfully that there were 8 clues left.
     Another clue reminded me of the 7-2 episode, in Singing the Blues: “This Brit, no slouch on guitar himself, said Buddy Guy is ‘by far without doubt the best guitar player alive.'” I might not have gotten either of those right if I hadn’t read the Brit’s memoir.
     Kristin got 4 right after her Daily Double and had 7200 at the end of the round. Scott and Tim each got 2 right, and had 2400 and 3800 respectively.
     My sister had texted me this afternoon about this actor, saying a co-worker thought he was well-dressed: “The driver in ‘Drive,’ Hercules in ‘Young Hercules.'” I didn’t get this one. This clue came from The Actor’s Resume.
     Would you believe after I’d finished this post, she texted and asked me out of nowhere if I know anything about Fodor, of the travel guides? He was in the 7-2 rerun I saw today too. Weird.
     Surely Tim was thinking of Andy Rooney when he responded “Mickey Rooney” to this one in Mike: “The aggressive style of this late ’60 Minutes’ stalwart caused many interviewees to experience ‘Mike Fright.'”
     I just saw a book of this guy’s at the bookstore this afternoon (also in Mike): “This former governor of Arkansas hosts a show on Fox News.” He’s adorable too! I got this one right.
     This clue reminded me of the season 25 rerun above I just watched (in Impeached!): “Andrew Johnson won his Senate impeachment trial by a single vote; out of 54 cast, this many said ‘guilty.'” I wasn’t touching this one with a 35-foot pole. All three contestants negged, like in the season 25 rerun, and Mr. Trebek said both times, “No harm no foul.” He usually does when all three contestants neg!
     Tim then moved to Science 101, and the Daily Double was there. He’d gotten 2 right and 2 wrong since the round began, and had 7400. Scott had gotten 5 right and the one wrong and had 7200. Kristin had gotten 5 right and 2 wrong, when her score was adjusted just before Tim wagered. She hadn’t given enough syllables in her response to this clue, also in Science 101: “Number 101 on your periodic table is named for this guy who created the table.” So Tim wagered 3800 on this clue: “Pressure at sea level is called one this, about 101 kilopascals.” He got it right! I didn’t!
     Kristin found the other Daily Double in English Literature. There were 5 clues on the board after this one. She’d gotten 2 right since Tim’s Daily Double, and had 13600. Scott had gotten one right and had 9200. Tim had gotten one right and 2 wrong and had 8000. Kristin wagered 2400 on this clue: “Edward Bulwer-Lytton’s 1834 novel set in 79 A.D. is titled ‘The Last Days of’ this place.” I didn’t know this one either. Kristin got it. She got 3 of the 5 left, Scott got one, and the other was a triple-stumper. Kristin had 21600 at the end, exactly twice Scott’s 10800. Tim still had 8000. So Kristin goes to the ToC for sure as long as she doesn’t wager anything.
     The Final Jeopardy category was Countries of the World. This was the clue: “2 of the 3 countries that are completely encircled by one other country.” Shocker, I got this one instantly. All three contestants got it too. Tim added 7999. He did well…all things considered. It didn’t matter since she got it right, but would Kristin have blown it if she got it wrong?? No; she wagered nothing. So we’ll see her in the ToC, it seems. Scott too was wise, and doubled his score. We’ll see him tomorrow then too. Can Kristin possibly make it 5?? I’d still be surprised.
     Here’s the ToC list:

1. Monica Thieu $100,000 (College Champion)
2. Patrick Quinn $100,000 (Feb. 2012 Teacher’s Champion)
3. Colby Burnett $100,000 (Nov. 2012 Teacher’s Champion)
4. Jason Keller $213,900 (9 wins)
5. Keith Whitener $147,597 (7 wins)
6. Stephanie Jass $147,570 (7 wins)
7. Joel Pool $116,800 (6 wins)
8. Dave Leach $98,054 (6 wins)
9. David Menchaca $115,503 (5 wins)
10. Paul Nelson $54,900 (5 wins)
11. Jason Shore $85,200 (4 wins)
12. David
Gard $84,700 (4 wins)
13. Ashok Poozhikunnel $69,002 (4 wins)
14. Dan McShane $62,001 (4 wins)
15. Kristin Morgan $39,098 (4 wins)

16. Patrick Morrison $80,701 (3 wins)
17. Francis Lansangan $78,401 (3 wins)
18. Matt Samberg $61,402 (3 wins)
19. Andy Baggarly $60,402 (3 wins)
20. Kris Hamilton $60,301 (3 wins)
21. Alistair Bell $56,800 (3 wins)
22. Paula Menasche $55,100 (3 wins)
23. Stephanie Fontaine $54,500 (3 wins)
24. Joey Falco $53,999 (3 wins)
25. Susan Jann $53,800 (3 wins)
26. Erin Zweiner $53,399 (3 wins)
27. Beau Henson $51,203 (3 wins)
28. Margaret Swanson $48,000 (3 wins)
29. Claudia Gray $45,202 (3 wins)
30. Dan Adkison $37,400 (3 wins)
31. Jacob Silverman $35,998 (3 wins)
32. Jessamine Price $26,803 (3 wins)

     My Coryat today was only 13000 (17400 without negs). I only got 10 right in Double Jeopardy, maybe an all-time low at least when I’m keeping track. I should’ve rung in on familiar, Mike Todd, Peter Pan and Grant. Somehow this was a fun game anyway! On to tomorrow! That is, after The Biggest Loser and some tennis! (Watching, not playing.)