Talk about boggling

     I hope this Tori Amos album is known enough that the reference isn’t lost on you! Before now I couldn’t have named an Amos song or album to save my life.
     My Coryat from this weekend’s rerun, which originally aired 7-12-12: 29600 (31000 without negs). The first time I played, my score was 25400 (28000 without negs).
     Let the week begin. Today we have the fourth quarterfinal of the Teen Tournament. The contestants:

Tori Amos of Englewood OH
Jordan Villanueva of Moweaqua IL
Leonard Cooper of Little Rock AR

     I thought I was gonna like this Jeopardy round. I said “Cool!” after each category was revealed. Dare I dream about a 30/30? Maybe I hadn’t slept enough or eaten recently enough, but this round did not go as well as it seemed like it would. I started out disappointed when this first clue in Fictional Females was a sit-and-stare: “Appropriately, Victoria Justice stars as aspiring singer Tori Vega on this Nickelodeon show.” This next one in the same category stumped me too: “Cortana makes A.I. sexy in this video game series.” Then this softball was at the bottom of the category?: “That’s the young Sarah Jessica Parker as this optimistic little orphan girl.”

     In fact, that was the only one I got right in the category. This one might as well have been written in Greek, that came later: “Lydia is a housecarl given by Jarl Balgruuf the Greater in this ‘Elder Scrolls’ game.”
     Tori found the Daily Double in the round, in Let’s Write a Short Story. Each contestant had 1600. Tori had gotten 2 right, Jordan had gotten 3 right, and Leonard had gotten 3 right and one wrong. Tori wagered 800 on this clue: “We’ll model the writing style on the distinctive voice of this Southern author of ‘The Bear.'” I guessed wrong on this one, but Tori knew it.
     I should’ve gotten this triple-stumper in The Name of the Game, as it is a family favorite: “To overwhelm with wonder.” This was the last clue before the break. Leonard had gotten one more right and had 2600. Jordan had gotten 2 more right and had 2200.
     Maybe the bright spot of the game today, besides Tori’s dress, was that she mentioned the National History Bowl and David Madden in her interview. Thanks Tori, that might get me some traffic here! Coincidentally, just before this game started, I’d seen David online and toyed with the idea of asking him whether Jeopardy! fans would be invited back to the Finals in Washington, D.C. this year. I didn’t, but I’ll still let you know if I hear anything.
     Oh, and Leonard participates in quiz bowl too!
     Add this to the list of things I’d never heard of from today’s episode, in The Name of the Game: “The art of negotiation between nations.”
     I fell for the neg bait that Leonard did on this one in U.S. Cities: “Once Virginia’s capital, this city has made sure to keep its colonial feel.”

     I considered responding with what Tori did, and I would’ve been right then.
     Happily, I ended the round on a high note by sweeping U Have 2 Sign my Yearbook. That means I got this triple-stumper, the last clue of the round: “Unlike aspartame when u heat it, ‘stay’ this way.” Two people negged on it, though maybe Leonard’s response of “cool” should’ve been accepted. Leonard ended the round in third place with 2600. He’d gotten 5 right and 2 wrong since the break. Tori led with 4800. She’d gotten 3 right. And Jordan had 4000 after getting 6 right and one wrong.
     Leonard started Double Jeopardy hot by sweeping “So” Be It. Tori got 3 right then, and found the first Daily Double of the round in Recent History. She had 8000, Leonard had 8600, and Jordan still had 4000. Tori wagered 3000 on this clue: “In October 2001 Congress passed this act to deter & punish terrorism.” I’m surprised a History Bowl player didn’t get this, but she didn’t.
     I said “Gershwin” one clue too soon, for this one in From the Top: “The clarinet concerto written at age 35 by this genius was his last purely instrumental work.” I said it again when I should have: “Percy Grainger’s 2-piano ‘Fantasy on’ this composer’s ‘Porgy and Bess.'”
     Tori found the next Daily Double too, in The Endangered Species List. She’d gotten 5 right since her last Daily Double and had 13000. Leonard had gotten one right and one wrong and had 8200. And Jordan still had 4000! Tori wagered 3000 on this clue: “Killing this seabird is bad luck, & yet the short-tailed one is on the endangered species list.” Tori got this one right.
     By the end of the round, Tori had gotten 3 more right and had 18800. I don’t believe she had any negs today, though I thought she surely would be, even if it was later, for saying “NCS: Los Angeles” on this one in L.A. TV: “Chris O’Donnell & LL Cool J are very special agents on this drama.” Leonard had gotten 7 right and 2 wrong, and had 10200. Jordan had gotten 3 right and had 8800.
     The Final Jeopardy category was Mount Rushmore! Here is the clue: “It’s the only U.S. state that has more than one native-born son honored on Mount Rushmore.” This was as easy as I was expecting when I saw the category. But Jordan was wrong and lost 4001. This left him with 4799. Leonard was right and doubled his score! But Tori?! She got the correct response but only added 800, for a total of 19600. Anyway we’ll probably see her in the semis anyway, and we’ll see Leonard for sure.
     I screwed up on tracking my Coryat using my app, and I was unwilling to go back and make it right. Somehow I even managed to leave a clue as if it hadn’t been revealed, even though they all were.
     These were my triple-stumpers today, besides the one I’ve mentioned:

  • In Let’s Write a Short Story: “The mysterious character ‘Mr. S’ represents human depravity — obviously we’re writing this type of symbolic tale.”
  • In L.A. TV: “This CW show starring Shenae Grimes is set in one of the ritziest parts of L.A. County.” 

     So here’s a list of the Teen Tournament contestants we’ve seen so far, for the sake of tracking the wildcards. So if tomorrow’s losers don’t
earn more than 4800, I believe the tie between Lila and Arjun will have to be broken for a wildcard spot.
Kelton Ellis (win)
Nilai Sarda (win)
William Crouch (win)
Leonard Cooper (win)
Tori Amos ($19600)
Irene Vazquez ($15000)
Katie Stone ($13800)
Olivia Hummer ($7800)
Lila Anderson and Arjun Byju (tie at $4800)
Jordan Villanueva ($4799)
Brittany Poppen ($1400)