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      Recent Coryats: Originally 7-13-12: 21200 (25400 without negs). The first time I played, my score was 18800, but still 25400 without negs!
Originally 5-18-09: Just 19800 (21400 without negs).
Originally 5-19-09: 20800 (26200 without negs). I’ve been spoiled by these Teen and College Tournament episodes, when it comes to Coryats! But today, watch out, all of us. It’s the highly-anticipated Tournament of Champions. I tried to get Andy and me to the Tournament, but it didn’t work out. I asked just one current ToCer to consider putting us on the guest list, thinking if I asked more than one and more than one said yes, well…. I assume the contestant thinks I asked everyone, but I didn’t. And the person never responded. I do hope that contestant’s reading this. I also e-mailed someone at Jeopardy! about being in the audience but never heard back. I hope she’s reading this, too!
     One more thing to get off my chest: Did you know I have a new blog?
     Now, today’s contestants:

Jason Shore
Stephanie Jass
Paul Nelson


     It felt like we whipped through the clues before the first break. Stephanie had gotten 7 right and one wrong, and had 2800. Jason had gotten 4 right and 2 wrong, and had 200. We hadn’t heard from Paul yet. He seemed nervous today during his interview. All three interviews were long but we saw all the clues.
     Jason found the Daily Double of the Jeopardy round, in Olympic Host Cities. He’d gotten 2 right after the break and had 1000. Stephanie had gotten one right and had 3200. Paul hadn’t answered any yet. Jason wagered it all on this clue: “Most of its more than 14 million people are ethnically Han.” Jason and I got it right.
     If you know me at all, you knew you were going to see this clue in my recap:

In The Lefty: “Seen here, at the top of his game.” Paul got this one right!

     And you knew I was going to say I didn’t know the answer to this tweeted clue in the same category.
     At the end of the round, Stephanie had gotten 5 right since Jason’s Daily Double and had 5800. Jason had gotten 3 right and had 3600, and Paul had gotten 2 right and had 2000.
     Jason was off to a fast start in the Double Jeopardy round, getting 4/5 in Science.
     When I keep track of my Coryat using an app as opposed to paper and pen, I have to make a snap decision about whether to accept my response. I accepted “jalopy” for this clue in Crossword Clues “J”: “Old, cruddy car (6).” In fact I was surprised at the response they’d apparently been seeking. I swept the category! Too bad crossword maven Jason Keller didn’t have this category.
     I also accepted “earth boots” for this one in The 4 Elements: “Types of this kind of footwear made by Kalso include the Nomad & Outlier.” It was a triple-stumper! The correct response on this one in the same category crossed my mind, but I went with “halo” instead: “A corona discharge, light & crackling from objects such as masts, also has this more religious name.” An expensive miss. 🙁 Jason got it though, and the next clue was the Daily Double. The category was Presidential Acquisitions. Mr. Trebek said Jason had “a pretty big lead at the moment.” He’d gotten 9 right since the round began, and had 14400. Stephanie had gotten 3 right and had 8600. Paul had gotten 3 right too, and had 5600. Jason wagered “just 1000” on this clue: “The Alaska Purchase.” I guessed Lincoln in desperation, and Mr. Trebek said the correct president was the one that followed Lincoln. Jason had it wrong too.
     The crowd laughed when Mr. Trebek revealed the correct response to the next clue, still in Presidential Acquisitions: “Hawaii annexation.” It was what Jason had given as a response to his Daily Double.
     I got this triple-stumper in From Zorba the Greek: “Authors, take note: ‘All those who actually live the mysteries of life haven’t the time to’ do this.”
     Lucky Paul found the other Daily Double, in From Zorba the Greek. There was one clue on the board after this one. Paul had gotten 4 right and one wrong since Jason’s last Daily Double, and had 8800. Stephanie too had gotten 4 right and one wrong, and had 13000. Jason had gotten one right and one wrong and also had 13000. Paul wagered 5000 on this clue: “‘Behind each woman rises the austere, sacred and mysterious face of’ this beautiful goddess.” The correct response crossed my mind, but I picked the wrong one. Paul got it right! Paul also got the last clue right, and ended the round with 15800. Mr. Trebek said Paul had been “trailing for a long, long time.” I’ll say. So Stephanie and Jason still had 13000 each.
     The Final Jeopardy category was The Rosetta Stone. And the clue: “Champollion’s deciphering the 1st symbol as ‘sun’ led to translating the name of this leader — there were 11 of them named this.”

     I didn’t get this one, but all three contestants did. Neither Stephanie nor Paul wagered anything! Jason wagered 1000, which is not enough to make him the winner today. I’m not gonna go there; I’m sure to get nailed.
     So here are the contestants we’ve seen play in the ToC, for the sake of tracking wildcards:
Paul Nelson (win)
Jason Shore $14000
Stephanie Jass $13000
     My Coryat today was 20800; 26000 without negs. At least I said what contestants did for my 2 Jeopardy round negs (and both of them were before the first break!):

  • In Gingham Style: “In a 1953 film Doris Day delivered ‘Gingham fer the Girls’ as this lover of Wild Bill Hickok.”
  • In Book Title Characters’ Last Names: “1989: ‘Billy.'”

     Just for kicks, I checked my average score for the last Tournament of Champions. It was 19360.

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