Where Andy Reveals All Of His Mistakes

Andy here!

Jeff Weber and Jonathan Shulman are the challengers for Lauren Girard, who won $24,400 yesterday. I wonder if Jeff or Jonathan picked up on the fact that Lauren offered a tie to Rob yesterday…

March Madness begins tomorrow, so don’t worry, we’ll have recaps for you in case your station that shows Jeopardy! happens to be a CBS affiliate. Who have you got in your brackets?

J! round categories:

I found it amusing on the fact that Alex had to prompt on two separate occasions of “which Bush?” in PRESIDENTIAL DEBATERS. Personally? I prefer “Bush 41” and “Bush 43” as disambiguators!

It was Jeff who got off to the best start — even Alex commented on it — however, it was Lauren who played the first Daily Double, at the bottom of BASES LOADED. Scores were:

Jeff $3,400
Lauren $1,600
Jonathan $200

Lauren put a smile on my face with her bet of all $1,600. Her clue: Naval forces Marianas is a combination of 2 bases on this island. She answered immediately and went to $3,200. I said Midway! (and now all you readers can laugh at what I don’t know. Everyone’s human!)

At the end of 15 clues, the scores sat at:

Jeff $3,400
Lauren $3,200
Jonathan $600

Jonathan is a single dad to a daughter who loves ballet, tap dancing, and Hello Kitty. Alex had the gumption to ask “What is Hello Kitty”? – Jonathan doesn’t quite understand either, though he did say “you should know. You’re Alex Trebek.”

Lauren works at the La Brea Tar Pits (what you have left after eating the La Brea Tar Peaches, according the great Carnac the Magnificent!)

I was really disappointed not to see a “You’ll wonder where the yellow went when you brush your teeth with Pepsodent” clue in CLASSIC ADS & JINGLES!

It was Lauren who had the best of the back half of the Jeopardy! round; the scores at the end of 30 were:

Lauren $5,400
Jeff $4,200
Jonathan $1,800

Come to think of it, I feel as though it’s been quite awhile since there has been a clue left on the board!

DJ! round categories:

It was Lauren who found the first Daily Double, in the all-too-inevitable spot of TRAITORS & TURNCOATS $1200. Scores:

Lauren $6,200
Jeff $4,200
Jonathan $2,200

Lauren bet $2,000. Her clue: Marshal Petain became a traitor to France when he collaborated with Hitler & formed a new government named for this city. Another insta-response and another $2,000 for Lauren.

I had a lot of trouble in BOOK SERIES, only getting 1, but I ran both TRAITORS & POP “STAR”s!

MARINE MAMMALS was partially visual, which of course, I’m betting there’ll be a Daily Double for me to transcribe! I was partially right. The Daily Double was there, but, thankfully, it wasn’t a video. (In case you haven’t noticed, I write as I watch. I feel as though it’s more genuine that way.) Jeff got to play it, with the following scores:

Jeff $11,800
Lauren $10,600
Jonathan $7,800

Jeff bet $2,000. His clue: The so-called earless types of these pinnipeds do have ears but no flaps covering the openings. Jeff had just as much trouble as I did on this one, and he fell to $9,800.

Over the final 10 clues, it was a great battle between Jeff and Lauren! By the end of the round, the scores sat at:

Lauren $16,600
Jeff $10,200
Jonathan $8,200

A Triple Stumper I’m partially ashamed to know (RELATIONSHIP ISSUES $2000: “Find God’s match for you” is the slogan of this online dating site with more than 5 million members).

If I’m Jeff here, I give serious thought to betting all $10,200. Especially after Lauren’s tie offer yesterday!

FJ! category: EUROPEANA

FJ! clue: In the 16th century the ancestors of the current President of France fled what is now this country

Jonathan: 8200 – 8198 = 2
Jeff 10200 – 10000 = 200
Lauren 16600 + 10000 = 26600 (2-day total of $51,000).

I can’t find any sort of redeeming quality in Jeff’s bet.

(Another mistake by Andy: I thought Sarkozy was still President. Whoops.)

Lauren will be back tomorrow, as will I. See you again!