Bad Jeopardy! Responses

     My Coryat from this weekend’s rerun was 23200, with 3800 in negs. The episode originally aired 10-20-11, and the first time I played, my score was 19800.
     I’m pleased to cover my first episode from the current College Tournament. Here are the contestants:

Paige Radtke
Trevor Walker
(He does not look like Obama like he claims!)
Taylor Roth

     Now I’m sorry but before the first break I was wondering where they dug up these contestants. Surely there were much more qualified applicants. The color combination, which Mr. Trebek pointed out, was perhaps the best thing about this group.
     Take this triple-stumper for example in “Sin”onyms, the second clue in the game: “Synonym for unattached.” I stared as blankly at them as they did at the board. Mr. Trebek did his “duh” voice when revealing the response. At the first break though, Paige and Trevor both managed to get 5 right and one wrong. Their scores were 1800 for Paige and 2400 for Trevor. Taylor had gotten one right and one wrong and was in the hole 400. She found the Daily Double of the round later in Yes, They Will. She’d gotten 3 right and now had 1800. Paige had gotten 2 right and one wrong and had 2800. Trevor had gotten one right and had 2800. Taylor wagered “just 800” on this easy clue: “His 1821 will, written on St. Helena, stipulated that his ashes be scattered ‘on the banks of the Seine.'” She got it right. There were 6 clues left in the round. Taylor got 2 of those and now led with 3600. Paige got one wrong and had 1800. Trevor got one right and had 3000.
     Paige found the first Daily Double of Double Jeopardy in Transportation. She’d gotten 3 right and one wrong in the round, and had 1800. Taylor had gotten one right and had 4800. Trevor had gotten one right and had 5000. Paige wagered 800 🙁 on this clue: “You can see Mount Fuji in the background as one of these with a ballistic name speeds by.”

     She and I got it.
     Trevor found the next Daily Double right after picking up a 2000 clue where Paige and Taylor both negged. Trevor had gotten 3 right and one wrong since Paige’s Daily Double, and had 9000. Paige had gotten 4 right and 2 wrong and had 1400, and Taylor had gotten 3 right and one wrong and had 5600. The stoic Trevor wagered 2000 on this clue in The First Millennium: “Pliny the Younger wrote that fumes from its eruption probably killed his uncle ‘by blocking his windpipe.'” Trevor got it immediately.
     It was lucky for Trevor he got the last clue, worth 2000. It gave him a lock on the game. He’d gotten 2 right and one wrong since his Daily Double and had 13800. Taylor had gotten one right and had 6000. Paige had gotten 2 right and had 3800. Of course, there are wild cards for Paige and Taylor to consider.
     The Final Jeopardy category was Famous Englishmen. Before he read the clue, Mr. Trebek said “Sounds easy” and “How easy is this?” Well it was a triple-stumper, and I didn’t get it either. Here’s the clue: “On the eve of his 200th birthday in 2009, the Church of England offered him ‘an apology for misunderstanding you.'”   Paige lost 2201, leaving her with 1599. Why bother wagering aiming for one dollar more than your opponent when it doesn’t matter in a quarterfinal whether you come in second or third? Taylor didn’t do any better, losing all but a dollar. Trevor lost 1799 and advances to the semis.
     These were my triple-stumpers besides “single” above:

  • In What Degree Are You Getting?: “If you’re in the northern hemisphere, point one arm at the North Star and the other at the horizon. The angle between the two will give you roughly where you are on the earth in degrees of this.”
  • In Islands: “In 1906 Britain transferred the territory of Papua on this island to the jurisdiction of Australia.”
  • Again in Islands: “Founded by bounty mutineers, it’s now encouraging immigration because its small population of about 50 is aging.” If I can get a triple-stumper in this category by the way, anyone can.
  • In Recent Title Role Playing: “The Incredible Burt Wonderstone.”
  • In The First Millennium: “In 452 Pope Leo I met this warrior known as the ‘Scourge of God’ & persuaded him not to sack Rome.” 
  • Again in The First Millennium: “In 759 this ‘diminutive’ father of Charlemagne extended his rule to the Pyrenees.” 
  • One more time in The First Millennium: “In 430 St. Augustine died in this North African port after 34 years as its bishop.” 

     My Coryat today was 24800; 26600 without negs. For kicks I worked out my average in the last College Tournament. (Has it really been since February 2012?) It was 26600. My average so far is 26400.

Wild Card standings:

Monday’s winner: Hannah Shoenhard
Tuesday’s winner: Jim Coury
Wednesday’s winner: Trevor Walker
1. Kristen Jolley $19,000
2. Julia Sprangers $16,400
3. Daniel Donohue $14,000
4. Jed Silver $9,199
5. Paige Radtke $1,599
6. Taylor Roth $1