Hagel set

     Just before I watched this episode, I had a bad dream that I was at my parents’ and watching the show, but forgot to record it. Luckily, it was not a sign this one didn’t record.
     Paul Curcio looked really strong to me yesterday. Can he make it two wins (at least)? Here he is with his opponents:

Rachel Eastwood
Nate Mull

     All three players were active from the start. Paul got 6 right and had 3000. Nate got 5 right and had 2200, and Rachel got 3 right and had 1200.
     It took me a second but I got this first clue after the break in Men at Work: “He’s been a Vietnam infantryman & a Republican senator & on Jan. 7, 2013 Pres. Obama nominated him as Defense secretary.” I texted the clue to my sister – she used to intern for him!
     I got this next clue, a triple-stumper still in Men at Work: “In 1975 this jeans and perfume maven was not yet 35 when he made the Coty Hall of Fame.”
     I accidentally said “Sarah Mitchell” on this one in Movie Name Droppers: “A 2008 break-up comedy: ‘Forgetting’ her.”
     Rachel found the Daily Double of the round in Men at Work. She’d gotten 2 right since the break and had 2000. Paul had gotten 3 right and one wrong and had 5400. Nate had gotten 3 right and had 3400. Rachel wagered 1500 on this clue: “In 1921 the Institute of Theoretical Physics at the U. of Copenhagen instituted this man as director.” She and I got it right.
     I said what Rachel did on this one in Flowery Prose: “Yes, the star of this holy city — lovely, my dear, yet oh so deadly. The bulbs are poisonous.”

     Naturally I was pleased to see this next clue in Urban Lit: “Filmed as ‘There Will Be Blood,’ Upton Sinclair’s ‘Oil!’ takes place in & around this west coast city.” It was a triple-stumper, and I got it! Do yourself a favor and skip the movie. The book’s good.
     At the end of the round, Rachel had gotten 2 right and one wrong since her Daily Double. She had 4300. Paul had gotten one right and had 6400. Nate still had 3400. Mr. Trebek said it was a “very close game” after the commercial.
     I’m a proud Catholic but I was not familiar with this term as it relates to the church (in “Men” at Work): “A high-IQ group, or the flat stone forming the top of the altar in a Roman Catholic church.” And I had just reviewed a book about a church’s parts. Of course I got it anyway, thanks to the category name and ‘high-IQ group.’
     Did you guys think it was weird that Paul was negged for saying “the postal service” on this one in The Days of the Stagecoach?: “John Butterfield, who got an 1857 contract to set up a coach route for this, had the motto ‘Nothing on God’s earth must stop’ it.”
     Nate found the first Daily Double of the round in The Cold Wars. He’d gotten 6 right since the break and had 8600. Paul had gotten 3 right and one wrong and had 8400! Rachel had gotten one right and one wrong and had 3500. Nate wagered 2000 on this clue: “Lasting from December 16, 1944 to January 16, 1945, this critical WWII battle was fought in freezing mist & snow.” I counted this as a clam before I remembered it was a Daily Double and might as well guess. So I threw something out there and it was right! Nate was wrong but the ever-snooty Mr. Trebek said Nate’s “Battle of Stalingrad” was “not a bad guess.”
     I was excited about Psych 101, since I am an RN at a psychiatric hospital. By the way, I checked out The Book of Woe: The DSM and the Unmaking of Psychiatry by Gary Greenberg from the library today. Has anyone tried it? Paul found the other Daily Double there. He’d gotten just the one right since Nate’s Daily Double, and had 10400. Rachel had gotten one right also, and had 4700. Nate had gotten 3 right and had 10600. Paul wagered 2600 on this clue: “In 2011 a new book revealed that the woman who inspired this book & TV movie faked her multiple personalities.” Paul got it.
     At the end of the round, Paul had 19000 after getting 4 right since his Daily Double. Nate had 12600, having gotten 2 right. Rachel got 5 right and had 10700. Mr. Trebek said, “We have a pretty good game underway.”
     The Final Jeopardy category was French Literature. This was the clue: “An article about improvements in transportation, including the opening of the Suez Canal, inspired this 1873 novel.” For the first time in more than a week, I got the Final right. I was surprised anyone missed it actually. Rachel was the only one to get it right, and she added 9300. Paul lost 6497, and Nate lost 6000. We’ll see Rachel tomorrow!
     My Coryat today was 22000 (27000 without negs). All 4 of my negs were in the bottom row.

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