Winning one for the Nipper

     Look for Cat Still on this week’s episode of The Experts Show! Go Cat!
     My Coryat on this weekend’s rerun is 23600 (25200 without negs). It originally aired 12-2-11. I didn’t play it the first time, it appears.
     Here are this week’s contestants, courtesy of the J! site:
Andre Green of Somerville, MA
Megan Hickey of Seattle, WA
John Kimball of Parkville, MO
Eric Maitland of San Diego, CA
Bill Matheny of Wheeling, WV
Erin Murphy of Villa Hills, KY
Matt Noble of Mobile, AL
Judy Wang of Highlands Ranch, CO

     Last week, Tim calmly won his first match. Let’s see him go for two…

Jason Rau of Carlsbad, CA
Tim Anderson of Rockford, IL
Liz Belthoff of Oradell, NJ

     Mr. Trebek wasted no time launching into today’s categories.
     Though Tim negged on today’s first clue, by the time he found the Daily Double Mr. Trebek said he was “cruising along.” He’d gotten 9 right and the one wrong, and had 4000. Liz and Jason both had 2 right and one wrong and had 800 and 400, respectively. Tim wagered 1000 on this clue in What’s It Called: “A structure that supports a highway overpass, from French for ‘end.'” Spanish professor Tim was close but a little off on his response. This was the last clue before the first break.
     Das Bait turned out to be a category about fishing-related German words. My sister, who til April lived in Germany, was actually around for the show but had left the room. I alerted her when she walked back in, but she doesn’t get too into Jeopardy! Neither she nor I had heard of “Bavarian Blu.”
     By the end of the round, Tim had gotten 7 more right and had 7000. Liz had gotten 3 right and one wrong and had 2600. Jason had gotten 4 right and had 3000.  
     I loved 5-Letter Words with 4 Vowels and They’re No. 1! The first Daily Double was at the bottom of the former, and Tim found it. He’d gotten 3 right and had 10200. Liz had gotten one right and had 3400, and Jason still had 3000. Tim wagered just 1200 on this clue: “A chapter of the fraternal order of Eagles is called this.” He got it right.
     Jason found the next Daily Double, in Yes, “Master”. Each contestant had gotten 4 right since Tim’s last Daily Double. Tim had 14200, Liz had 8600 and Jason had 7800. Jason wagered 3000 on this clue: “If you remember old record labels, you might know this title of the 1899 Francis Barraud painting seen here.”

     Jason didn’t know, and I was proud to get this right.
     Mr. Trebek gave the less-than-a-minute warning with 6 clues left. One was left covered. Jason and Liz each got 3 right after Jason’s Daily Double, and had 7600 and 11000 respectively. Tim had gotten 2 right and had 14200.
     The Final Jeopardy category was 19th Century Names. This was the clue: “This French engineer once asked, ‘Why should we disguise the industrial nature of iron, even in the city?'” This was a snap, and all 3 contestants got it right. Jason did not wager anything. Liz added 9000, and Tim added 7801, enough to win. On to tomorrow!
     My Coryat today was 18400 (19200 without one neg).