Healthy choices?

     I had my Millionaire audition Friday. Happily, I passed the test! Now I wait to see if I made the contestant pool. I’ll keep you posted.
     My weekend Coryat was 30000 (34400 without negs). It originally aired 1-6-12. And hey, I have a post about this episode! My original score was 25400.
     This is my first Mark Japinga episode! I hope it won’t be my only one. (There is, of course, the ToC though.)

John Clarke
Kerri McCoy

     Despite only seeing one of these films (and I couldn’t tell you much about it now), I started out sweeping The Oscar for Best Animated Feature. Mark almost swept, but Kerri answered the last one. I looked, and it didn’t seem like Mark was trying to ring in.
     I negged three times in Healthy Choice. Each clue featured three items from which the contestants were to choose. Sample clue: “In a cup of ice cream, a cup of raw spinach or a cup of dried figs, the one with the most calcium.” I said what Mark did, then Kerri negged too. Obviously John picked it up!
     Kerri soon found the Daily Double in Author-ized Biographies.
Mark 1600 (5 right and one wrong)
Kerri 1000 (3 right and one wrong)
John 600 (One right)
     Kerri wagered it all on this clue: “Born in Hell’s Kitchen in 1920 to immigrants from Naples, he said, ‘I never met a real…gangster.'” Luckily I remembered the category in time. Kerri got it right too.
     I got this next clue in the same category, a triple-stumper: “He served 2 kings as a diplomat & lived his last year, 1399-1400, in a house in the garden of Westminster Abbey.” Kerri inexplicably said “Winston Churchill.”
     At the first break, it was neck and neck (and neck):
Mark 2000 (One right)
Kerri 2200 (One right and one wrong)
John 1800 (Two right)
     Sorry but I can’t help but question Mark’s spending habits: Yesterday he said he was setting some money aside for World Series tickets in case the Chicago Cubs ever appear. Today he said…wait for it…he was going to hire a bus driver to take him and friends to a Korean barbecue place in the suburbs for karaoke…”and nobody’ll have to drive.” Your thoughts…?
     I got this triple-stumper in One-Word Shout Outs: “Down on your haunches, Rin Tin Tin!”
     At the end of the round:
Mark 4400 (5 right and one wrong)
Kerri 5600 (7 right and 2 wrong)
John 1800
     Mr. Trebek wasn’t very nice when he said “Two players are off to very good starts and John on the board at 1800….” John found a Daily Double soon, in U.S. Rivers. Mr. Trebek told him it’s “an opportunity for you to get back into this.”
Mark 6000 (2 right)
Kerri 6400 (One right and one wrong)
John 2200 (One right)
     John wagered it all on this clue, which I’m glad was not a video: “The Hudson River rises at Lake Tear of the Clouds on the shoulder of Mount Marcy in these mountains.” John and I got it right. Show him, John!
     Kerri found the other Daily Double in -ologies.
Mark 5200 (2 right and one wrong)
Kerri 8000 (2 right)
John 6800 (2 right)
     Kerri wagered 1200 on this clue: “From the Greek for ‘beyond the soul,’ it’s the study of phenomena that cannot be explained by traditional science.” While I was thinking I thought I should know this, but I didn’t feel bad when the correct response was revealed. (Kerri got it.)
     Mr. Trebek gave the minute-to-go warning with a whopping 9 clues left. Maybe it was all the triple-stumpers? No one seemed to be selecting slowly. I started to worry that Kerri’d run away with this game, but I needn’t have worried. (There were 4 clues left, all in The Last “Out”.) At the end of the round:
Mark 10400 (4 right)
Kerri 15600 (4 right)
John 7200 (One right and one wrong)
     The Final Jeopardy category was International Sports, this immediately after a clue about an English soccer player! This was the clue: “2013 marks the 100th running of this event, first won by Maurice Garin with a time of 94 hours, 33 minutes, 14 seconds.” I’m shocked – shocked – that this was a triple-stumper. I wanted to scream that on jboard, but I was afraid of offending anyone that missed it too. I expect it to poll 100% there though. Perhaps the players were fooled by the word “running”? In any case, John lost 3201, Mark lost it all, and Kerri lost 5000. She wins, and she applauded herself! A pet peeve of mine.
     My Coryat today was 19200 (23800 without negs, all in the Jeopardy round). And the ToC list remains unchanged. 🙁

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