You don’t say, Mr. Trebek

      Now that we know where to find the Hometown Howdies, here are the only other contestants listed for the rest of the week:
Kellie Chan
Hillary Kwiatek
Parth Sheth
     Like yesterday, I’m waiting on pictures of today’s contestants from my phone. Yesterday’s never did come, incidentally! The names today are Jen Yoak, Todd Martin and of course Jared Hall. (Some of us know of another Todd Martin.) Yesterday, Jared moved up on the ToC list by winning his fourth game in convincing fashion. Mr. Trebek said at the top of today’s show, “You average over $33,000 per win as a Jeopardy! champion, and you have accomplished something pretty special.” Sorry, but you don’t say.
     Today’s Jeopardy round featured a theme: football. I didn’t “sense the trend,” in Mr. Trebek’s words, after the first two categories of Play Action and Button Hook were revealed. Todd went to Are You Ready for Some Football? after the first 3 clues of “Lat”-eral were revealed. He got the first 2 clues right there before finding the Daily Double. He’s obviously comfortable here.
Jared 200 (One right)
Todd 1200 (3 right)
Jen 400 (One right)
     Todd wagered it all on this clue: “This school gave birth to the football huddle in the 1890s, when players huddled up to hide their sign language.” Todd didn’t get this one, but I did instantly!
     I said what Jared did on this next clue in the same category: “91,136 fans can watch this college team play home games in Pasadena.” I said what Todd did on this triple-stumper in Play Action: “Young lovers, both in trouble, are forced to flee, & (what do you know!) both end up in the Forest of Arden.” Jared negged on it too. Then I should’ve rung in on this triple-stumper in the same category, but I was far from sure: “The Youngers get a $10,000 insurance check & leave their apartment to move into the all-white Clybourne Park neighborhood.” At the first break:
Jared 1000 (3 right and 2 wrong)
Todd 2200 (3 right and one wrong)
Jen 400
     I was hoping Hail Mary would be about the Blessed Virgin, but it wasn’t.
     How was this a triple-stumper, in Reverse?: “A phrase meaning a 180 in your situation, or a film with Jeremy Irons & Glenn Close as Claus & Sunny von Bulow.” I was surprised this was a triple-stumper too, in Hail Mary: “Later a U.N. high commissioner for human rights, Mary Robinson served as this nation’s president from 1990 to 1997.” And Jared had even responded incorrectly with this nation earlier in the round. Mr. Trebek gave the less-than-a-minute warning then, with 6 clues left. We saw them all.
Jared 4600 (7 right and one wrong)
Todd 2800 (One right)
Jen 2200 (4 right)
     Mr. Trebek (okay, the writers) use the term “enjoyed” loosely here, in Magazines: “Go, Spirit & Hemispheres are magazines usually enjoyed while in one of these.” And this was a triple-stumper, in the same category?!: “In 2013, More magazine marks 15 years of celebrating strong women, like this actress on the September cover.” (There’s supposed to be a picture here of course.)
     States by National Park Service Area was tougher than it seemed. I only knew the 400 one. At 800 was a Daily Double, and Todd got it.
Jared 5800 (2 right)
Todd 3200 (One right)
Jen 2200
     Todd wagered 1800 on this clue: “Flight 93 National Memorial.” Todd got it!
     I wouldn’t have gotten this one in American Composers if the words “Rhapsody in Blue” hadn’t been splashed on the screen by closed-captioning: “The piece heard here was written in less than 3 weeks by this composer.” Jared got that one, and the next clue was a Daily Double in the same category. Look at this:
Jared 14200 (6 right)
Todd 5000
Jen 2200
     Whoa, Jared. He wagered 6000 on this clue: “William Schuman, who won the first Pulitzer Prize for music, served as president of this NYC school, 1945-1961.” Jared and I got it right.
     I didn’t get that each response had to have 2 u’s in What’s It 2 U? until Mr. Trebek revealed the correct response on this triple-stumper at 200: “Inflexible due to overdeveloped biceps & lats.” Nor did I know this word meant “inflexible” anyway. I should’ve gotten this triple-stumper in the same category. I have a beautiful dress in this color that I’ve been thinking a lot about lately: “At about 480 degrees, this element that’s big in gunpowder spontaneously ignites in air.”
     Is it just me or did we not know Sarah of the Clue Crew was pregnant? She was featured in the video category Going Fetal. It wasn’t clear that she was pregnant til after the 3rd clue in the category, when she opened the clue with a bare belly and the words “Now that my due date is approaching…”. After the last clue in the round Mr. Trebek said that she’d had a baby girl named Taylor.
     I got this one right in Nepo-TV-ism but it was yet another “you don’t say” moment: “Melissa McCarthy of ‘Mike & Molly’: Cousin of this Playboy playmate.” Mr. Trebek gave the less-than-a-minute warning at that point, and one clue was left covered.
Jared 26600 (5 right)
Todd 11000 (5 right)
Jen 3400 (One right)
     The Final Jeopardy category was World War II. This was the clue: “Because time was short, only this ship’s starboard side, used for boarding, was repainted September 1, 1945.” And I have yet to get a Final right this season. Jen got it right! She added 3399. Todd didn’t get it, and lost 4100. Jared got it and added 4000.
     My Coryat today was 24600 (26000 without negs).

ToC standings: 
1. Jim Coury (May 2013 College Champion)
2. Ben Ingram $176,534 (8 wins)
3. Drew Horwood $138,100 (8 wins)
4. Andrew Moore $137,803 (6 wins)
5. Jared Hall $161,001 (5 wins)
6. Joshua Brakhage $103,205 (5 wins)
7. Rebecca Rider $101,600 (5 wins)
8. Mark Japinga $112,600 (4 wins)
9. Mike Lewis $102,800 (4 wins)
10. Adam Holquist $76,299 (3 wins)
11. Sara Garnett $75,403 (3 wins)
12. Salvo Candela $66,195 (3 wins)
13. John Anneken $60,112 (3 wins)
14. Tim Anderson $56,001 (3 wins)

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