The Days Of Whine And Roses

Andy here once again! (No pictures again today, though.)

Elisabeth Houlik and Rich Hansen are the challengers for Fidelito Cortes, who won $20,000 yesterday!

Remember to go to the Battle of the Decades site to vote for your favourite of the contenders from the 80s for that 15th spot!

J! round categories:

Early mistake from Fidelito – thinking that Detroit was Green Bay in the MAPPING THE NFL category. Elisabeth got to play the Daily Double, at the bottom of that category. The scores were:

Rich $1000
Elisabeth $800
Fidelito -$200

Elisabeth bet $800. Her clue: The team that ended up here (Nashville, Tennessee) in the 1990s originated here under this name.. Elizabeth just said the team name and was given credit! Her score is $1600.

Elisabeth then proceeded to do well in ANDREW JACKSON; the scores at the end of 15 were:

Elisabeth $3,400
Rich $2,400
Fidelito $600

Alex gave Fidelito a hard time for calling association football “football” – Fidelito is a Real Madrid fan!

Coming out of the break, all 3 players had good luck on the buzzer; Fidelito had some good gets to claw in to Elisabeth’s lead! SWINE $800 was a key clue: Because of their similarity to ours, these pig parts have been used for decades to replace those in the human heart. Fidelito picked up the rebound after both of his opponents negged to take the lead!

Scores at the end of 30:
Fidelito $5,200
Elisabeth $4,000
Rich $2,400

DJ! round categories:
2013 BOOKS
GOLDEN WORDS (Each response contains the letters Au)

I had trouble accepting that Fidelito said what the judges said he did on NAME THE TV ROLE $800 (Seinfeld: Julia Louis-Dreyfus) – the judges said Fidelito said “Helaine” instead of “Elaine”. I’m not so sure; that felt wrong to me on the judges, especially if it was Fidelito’s accent. I think it threw Rich as well because Rich, on the rebound, said her last name, “Benes”.

GOLDEN WORDS $2000 had the Daily Double, and it was Fidelito’s to play. Scores were:

Fidelito $7,200
Rich $5,600
Elisabeth $3,600

Fidelito bet $3,800. His clue: It once referred to a mock scepter carried by a court jester; now it refers to a small, showy ornament of little value. His correct response put him at $11,000.

The other Daily Double came 3 clues later at ARIAS $1200. Scores:

Fidelito $12,200
Rich $5,600
Elisabeth $3,600

Another $3,800 bet from Fidelito. His clue: This Mozart title man has already seduced Elvira & pursues her maid in “Deh, Vieni Alla Finestra”, “O Come To The Window”. Another correct response from Fidelito puts him at $16,000. Getting the final two clues to to run the category put him at $19,600.

Meanwhile, our two challengers worked to try to unlock the game, but weren’t having much luck. Scores going into Final:

Fidelito $24,000
Rich $6,400
Elisabeth $4,000


FJ! clue: With 3 each, “On The Waterfront” is tied with this film & its sequel for most Best Supporting Actor nominations

Elisabeth 4000 – 2500 = 1500
Rich 6400 + 2755 = 9155
Fidelito 24000 + 1000 = 25000

Fidelito is now a 2-day champion, $45,000! Will he make the ToC list tomorrow? Find out!