Grimace-ing again

     By that I refer to both the facial expression and the purple McDonald’s character. Yes, I’m here again to blog! And I drove through McFlurries to get here. My poor computer guy came over a few times, even after 6 p.m., which delayed my getting here (and eating). I just need a new modem, we found out.
     So today is Day 1 of the 2-day Teachers Tournament final.

Mary Beth Hammerstrom
John Pearson
Becky Giardina

     Mr. Trebek prattled on and on so long I had time to e-mail myself all 3 contestant pictures, and handily. We saw every clue though, so no harm no foul.
     John said in a previous episode he’s 6’4″, but I didn’t think he looked it til today. Don’t forget he’s answering questions for us, so leave a comment if you have any.
     John, who swept a TV category earlier in the tournament, went to Classic Automobile Tags when he could (at first). Becky seemed to favor Random House Dictionary Definitions, which I swept, and Mary Beth liked Law. I got this triple-stumper in the category: “A 2010 Irish law bans this, calling it speech ‘insulting…to matters held sacred by any religion.'”
     I also swept Famous Former Teachers. John was plowing through the category when Mr. Trebek said it was time for the first break. It’s too bad, as there was one clue left there. John went back to it after the break, but Mary Beth got it right.
Mary Beth 2000 (3 right)
Becky 400 (2 right)
John 5000 (9 right!)
     John said he made a video for YouTube, where he explains the Pythagorean Theorem as Darth Vader. I found it!

     Apparently the music’s associated pretty closely with Star Wars – a guy near me here at McDonald’s recognized it. I heard him say to the girl with him, “Star Wars?”
     Mary Beth was sweeping Dinosaur Names when she found the Daily Double there.
Mary Beth 4200 (4 right)
Becky 400
John 5000
     Mary Beth wagered only 800 on this clue: “The high-flying pterodactyl’s name means ‘winged’ this body part.” She and I got it right. John got the last clue in the category though.
     At the end of the round:
Mary Beth 7200
Becky 1400
John 5000
     Mary Beth found the first Daily Double of Double Jeopardy in Nonfiction.
Mary Beth 8800 (3 right and one wrong)
Becky 3800 (2 right)
John 9800 (5 right)
     Mary Beth wagered 1000 on this easy clue: “This bestseller by Lynne Truss has been described as ‘a book for people who love punctuation.'” Mary Beth got it and tied the game. Unfortunately John negged on the next clue worth 2000.
     I was amazed this was a triple-stumper in Types of Musical Instrument: “Alto (Art Pepper’s specialty).” And I don’t even know who Art Pepper is.
     Mary Beth found the next Daily Double too, in Charter School. There was one clue left on the board after this.
Mary Beth 16600 (8 right and one wrong)
Becky 5000 (One right)
John 8600 (2 right and 2 wrong)
     Mary Beth wagered only 600 on this clue: “The Pfaffenbrief or Priests’ Charter of 1370 made the first mention of a confederation that became this country.” Mary Beth missed it. The last clue of the round was a triple-stumper.
     The Final Jeopardy category was U.S. Presidents. This was the clue: “The second man to become president who was never elected to the job, he ran twice for the position unsuccessfully.” I didn’t get this. Becky got it wrong and lost all 5000. John got it right after crossing out the same response Becky had. He added 6600. Mary Beth was wrong and lost 5000 too. On to tomorrow!
     My Coryat today was 23400 (26600 without negs).

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