I can get used to this

     So today we see Eli Barrieau, Maryanne Lewell and Mary Beth Hammerstrom try for the final slot in the Teachers Tournament finals. Two of them teach history, and one teaches social studies! Don’t forget Eli is answering questions for us. Leave a comment if you have any.

Mary Beth


     My desktop computer is still down, so I have to blog on the episode from my phone at home, then add pictures, links etc. at McDonald’s. It’s no drag, but I’m sure it would get old! And I’d get even weirder looks from the McDonald’s employees. I hope my computer guy can come over tomorrow.
     Unfortunately Eli negged on this first clue of the game, in Seen from Space: “The building seen here is the headquarters of this Cabinet department.” He just misread the clue is all. Hey, I remembered to take the picture before heading out!

     I got this triple-stumper in Speak Up: “The woman in this song by ‘Til Tuesday needs to speak up despite what her boyfriend says.” I wouldn’t have if they hadn’t played the song. Maryanne looked like she thought it was time for a commercial. Later Mary Beth looked like she was putting her signaling device down at an odd time, too. When it was time for the first break:
Mary Beth 2000 (5 right and one wrong)
Maryanne 2400 (6 right and one wrong)
Eli 800 (2 right and the one wrong)
     Eli says he doesn’t have a cellphone. He says he doesn’t need one! I know I have many times. When I was on the show, contestant coordinator Maggie said she’d never sent a text. I bet that’s still the case, and I bet she’s still proud of it.
     Mary Beth found the first Daily Double, in Don’t Say Um. (Correct responses are elements that don’t have “um” in the word.)
Mary Beth 2400 (One right)
Maryanne 2400
Eli 800
     Mary Beth wagered 1000. She giggled when she said “um” while pondering it. This was the clue: “The Latin for this element gave us the word plumbing.” She got it right.
     I would’ve been tempted to respond “no-no” on this clue in Hyphenated Terms: “With 7, Nolan Ryan still holds the record for pitching the most of these games in the major leagues.”
     I was pleased to see the Music of Today category and was 3/3 when time ran out in the round. >:-( One was a triple-stumper: “These 2 states precede ‘line’ in the name of the country duo featuring Tyler Hubbard & Brian Kelley.” At the end of the round:
Mary Beth 3800 (One right)
Maryanne 6200 (5 right)
Eli 1800 (2 right)
     Eli found the first Daily Double of Jeopardy in World History.
Mary Beth 3800
Maryanne 6200
Eli 3000 (2 right)
     Eli wagered it all on this clue: “On August 26, whip France’s National Assembly approved this ‘declaration’ that proclaimed, ‘Men are born free and remain free.'” Eli smiled and got it right. Soon Mary Beth found the next Daily Double in Inspiration.
Mary Beth 6200 (2 right and one wrong)
Maryanne 8200 (2 right)
Eli 6800 (One right)
     This time Mary Beth wagered 2000 on this: “Looking like a giant lying down, Cave Hill near Belfast inspired this man in the 1720s.” She and I got it.
     Mary Beth widened the gap on the last clue, when she picked up one that Maryanne negged on.
Mary Beth 21000 (11 right)
Maryanne 7800 (3 right and 2 wrong)
Eli 14800 (6 right)
     The Final Jeopardy category was Novel Titles. This was the clue: “These are not in the Koran, & the angel Gabriel told Muhammad that they were not revealed by God.” I said The Ten Commandments and thought it was right! All 3 contestants got it right, so it wound up not really mattering if Mary Beth did add a letter to one of her earlier responses. She wagered enough to beat Eli by a dollar if he doubled (and he did). Maryanne doubled her score too. So the finals are set!
     My Coryat today was 15600 (16000 without one neg).

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