Andy Dislikes New Yorkers

Before the episode started, Alex announced the winners of the fan voting for the Battle of the Decades tournament! Winners of the fan voting who will now be competing:

1980s: Andy Westney
1990s: Shane Whitlock
2000s: Tom Nissley

Congratulations to all 3!

Now on with the actual program! Today’s contestants:

Carlos is a LearnedLeague player; he’s been promoting his appearance over there for weeks now! Will Scott be able to defend his title?

J! round categories:

The first Daily Double came out at HOOK $800; it was Scott’s to play! Scores:

Carlos $2,600
Scott $2,400
Tina $1,600

Scott bet $1,200. His clue: Used on fishing boats, this long pole with an iron hook is a homophone of a social blunder. Scott’s correct response put him at $3,600!

At the end of 15 clues, the scores were:

Scott $4,600 (6 right)
Carlos $2,600 (4 right, 1 wrong)
Tina $1,600 (5 right, 1 wrong)

Apparently Tina, more than anything else, wanted a fist bump from Alex! Yes, she got her wish.

Coming out of the break, Carlos had the best buzzer mojo! Scott kept away from the negs, though, meaning he had the best score at the end of the Jeopardy! round. The scores were:

Scott $7,000 (11 right)
Carlos $6,000 (11 right, 2 wrong)
Tina $2,800 (8 right, 3 wrong)

DJ! round categories:
THE 5 W’s

Tina went to $800 in her categories; I liked that move! She and Scott split the first 7 clues, and when she went to OLOGIES $1200 she found the Daily Double!

Scores were:
Scott $10,200
Tina $7,200
Carlos $6,000

Tina bet $3,000. Her clue: Oral Roberts University has a college of it. Her correct response put her at $10,200, tied with Scott!

Scott didn’t seem very concerned with finding the last Daily Double, which may have come back to haunt him! Instead, Carlos found it under STARTS & ENDS WITH A VOWEL $1600! Scores:

Scott $13,800
Tina $10,600
Carlos $9,200

Carlos went for the True Daily Double! His clue: The name of this secret sect said to have formed in 1776 is from the Latin for “enlightened”…but I’ve said too much. Carlos smiled midway through the clue, gave the correct response, and his score went to $18,400!

Tina messed up the true phrasing on the following clue (THE 5 Ws $400: Why: Because blue frequencies of light are scattered more in the atmosphere than others). Guess what: “Why is the sky blue?” is already in the form of a question!

Scores going into Final:

Carlos $19,600 (8 right, 2 wrong)
Scott $17,400 (9 right)
Tina $16,200 (11 right, 2 wrong)

FJ! category: THE INTERNET

FJ! clue: The inventor of this image format said the OED wrongly has 2 pronunciations of it–the right one is with a soft “G”

Tina 16200 + 3500 = 19700
Scott 17400 + 15001 = 32401
Carlos 19600 + 15201 = 34801

The New Yorkers were all over this Final Jeopardy at 7:30, as their episode airs at 7:00, and they didn’t care about the crowd for whom Jeopardy! airs later. Seems very typical.

Oh well.

Carlos will be defending his title tomorrow!