Are we having fun yet?

     Do y’all get the e-mail from YouTube saying when Jeopardy!‘s uploaded a new video? Well when I woke up today I had one and opened it. Not only did it list the contestants…but which ones play each day. Now you might remember how Jeopardy! had briefly posted Arthur’s “winner’s circle” video, so I know when he loses. (What, they didn’t fire their YouTube guy?) I’d better not say more but I am feeling a little evil today. Info available upon private request.
     I also got an e-mail that I tried to delete but accidentally opened, about this week’s episode of The Experts Show. It’s germane to you after all because the contestant on the left in the image below lost on Jeopardy! the same day that David Madden did.

     The e-mail also says that Brad Rutter and Roger Craig play in next week’s episode. That’s too bad, as I kind of had a fantasy about playing the former on The Experts Show someday.
     Last night I played Bob Harris‘s classic Crackle episode, which originally aired 11-27-97. I think this is the one I’d hoped would be posted. I didn’t realize there were two where Bob played Kim Worth, and I didn’t realize Dan Melia was the third player! Does all this make you long for the days the show was on GSN? My Coryat on the Crackle episode was 21400 (25000 without negs). Don’t forget you can buy Bob’s latest book by clicking here: The International Bank of Bob: Connecting Our Worlds One $25 Kiva Loan at a Time
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     I’m still waiting for anyone to claim a free Jeopardy! app download. I have all 5 for iPhone/iPod Touch, and one more for iPad.
     Here are this week’s contestants:
Sean Sullivan Chicago, IL
Michelle Sheffer Philadelphia, PA
Arthur Chu Broadview Heights, OH
Tony Knechtges Grafton, OH
Kirsten Albair Caribou, ME
Diana Peloquin Ann Arbor, MI
Julie Hornick Summerville, SC 
Jessica Rebel Lenexa, KS
Matt Kish Brunswick, OH 
Cameron Yahr Encinitas, CA
 Thad McCollum Orlando, FL
     I just like this:

     And this:

Arthur Chu
Sean Sullivan
Michelle Sheffer

     Michelle was able to ring in first on the first clue where anyone tried to, but she negged and Arthur picked it up. Nice start. Later it happened again, but to Sean. We had plenty of triple-stumpers in the mix too by the time Arthur found the first Daily Double, and we hadn’t even had a commercial break yet.
Arthur 3200 (4 right)
Michelle -1000 (One wrong)
Sean -800 (One wrong)
     The category was Literary Title Pairs, and Arthur wagered it all on this clue: “1929 William Faulkner title pair.” I actually got it right but Arthur didn’t!
     I speak French so this triple-stumper was a snap for me in Potent Potables, even without the “bananas” hint: “Creme d’ananas is a liqueur flavored mainly with this fruit, not bananas.”
     It felt like we’d played a whole round by the time we got to the first break. And look, it was as if nothing happened after Arthur selected the Daily Double.
Arthur 3200 (4 right)
Michelle -1000
Sean -800
     Maybe it’s my imagination but it already looked like Sean wasn’t having a good time by the time Trebek spoke to him.
     I guess right on this triple-stumper in Literary Title Pairs, on which Arthur and Michelle both negged: “In Shakespeare, a Trojan guy & an unfaithful gal.”
     At the end of the round:
Arthur 6000 (7 right and 2 wrong)
Michelle -200 (3 right and one wrong)
Sean 200 (4 right? It doesn’t seem like it.)
     Arthur found the first Daily Double of Double Jeopardy in Ballet Settings.
Arthur 8000 (2 right)
Michelle 1800 (2 right)
Sean 200
     He wagered 4000 on this clue: “Street scene, an American desert & the jail.” He missed it.
     Michelle negged on a 2000 clue (and Sean picked it up) before Arthur soon found the next Daily Double in Island Prisons.
Arthur 5600 (One right)
Michelle -200 (One wrong)
Sean 2200 (One right)
     Arthur wagered 3000 on this clue: “New York City’s main correctional facility, it lies in the East River and consists of 10 separate jails.” Arthur got it this time.
     Sean must’ve started having fun when he got 8 right (and one wrong) before the end of the round. I’m pretty sure Sean’s neg was worth 2000, and that Arthur picked it up.
     I don’t know if Michelle would say it was fun, but she finally got out of the hole on the very last clue of the round. (There was one remaining on the board.)
Arthur 18200 (7 right)
Michelle 200 (One right)
Sean 7800 (8 right and one wrong)
     The Final Jeopardy category is American Composers. This was the clue: “A protege of Oscar Hammerstein, he’s won Grammys, an Oscar, a Pulitzer Prize & the most Tony Awards by a composer.” Michelle was wrong and lost her 200. Sean was right and added 7399. Arthur was wrong and lost 2000. And Sean was smiling even before he knew Arthur had it wrong!
     I didn’t track my Coryat today because, as has been happening lately, I’ve just been too excited to blog. I didn’t even take my first walk of the year like I thought I was going to.

Here’s an update to the ToC list:
1. John Pearson (November 2013 Teacher’s Champion)
2. Jim Coury (May 2013 College Champion)
3. Terry O’Shea (February 2014 College Champion)
4. Arthur Chu $277,200 (10 wins)
5. Ben Ingram $176,534 (8 wins)
6. Drew Horwood $138,100 (8 wins)
7. Jared Hall $181,001 (6 wins)
8. Andrew Moore $137,803 (6 wins)
9. Jerry Slowik $121,800 (5 wins)
10. Joshua Brakhage $103,205 (5 wins)
11. Rebecca Rider $101,600 (5 wins)
12. Sarah McNitt $89,398 (5 wins)
13. Rani Peffer $68,701 (5 wins)
14. Mark Japinga $112,600 (4 wins)
15. Mike Lewis $102,800 (4 wins)

16. Carlos Ross $89,774 (3 wins)
17. Adam Holquist $76,299 (3 wins)
18. Sara Garnett $75,403 (3 wins)
19. Salvo Candela $66,195 (3 wins)
20. Neal Pollack $60,798 (3 wins)
21. John Anneken $60,112 (3 wins)
22. Tim Anderson $56,001 (3 wins)
23. Stuart Anderson $51,601 (3 wins)
24. Bill Tolany $44,200 (3 wins)

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