Who’s laughing now?

     I certainly wasn’t, when someone informed me she couldn’t find the tweet I said I’d embedded here. Especially because I’d already tweeted this post, mentioning the person. I guess I should just be glad I was able to fix it promptly.
     I’m glad I saw this tweet from a friend of the blog:

    You can buy his stuff by clicking on these images:

     I think now’s the time for me to pick up copies too.
     The last time we blogged :-P, Nancy Akerman was the new champion. She won again yesterday, so will I be updating the ToC list today? My Coryat that day was 16800 (18800 without negs).

Nancy Akerman
Deborah Ellis

Clay Walls

     I like how Clay thought ahead and wore an outfit appropriate for the season, even though this must’ve been taped in December.
     The returning champ struggled the most in the period before the first break, only ringing in once.

Nancy 400 (One right)
Clay 5000 (8 right)
Deborah 1400 (4 right and one wrong)

     I did get this triple-stumper in Olympic Track & Field Records, on which Clay and Nancy negged: “19.30 seconds by Usain Bolt.” If Clay and Nancy had thought about it, their respective guesses of “100 meter dash” and “400 meter dash” were ridiculous. But then Deborah didn’t ring in after that, either. She left the category with 2 clues remaining, saying it was getting too hard! Did you wonder if the Daily Double would be there? When the contestants came back to the category (specifically, Clay), he skipped 800 and went for 1000. Deborah rang in and I thought she’d get her Daily Double anyway, but she negged and Nancy got it. So the Daily Double is hers.

Nancy 1600 (2 right and one wrong)
Clay 7000 (6 right and 2 wrong)
Deborah 3200 (5 right and one wrong)

     Nancy wagered 1000 on this clue: “19 feet, 7 inches by Renaud Lavillenie.” She got it right! She was still going first in Double Jeopardy though.
     The introduction of Parenthetical Songs reminded me just how weird this tweeted clue was:

     Please, talk to me about this clue. Later, Deborah said she had no idea what the category meant! Come on, Deborah!
     Nancy got her Daily Double early though this round, after only one clue had been revealed.

Nancy 2600
Clay 7000
Deborah 3600 (One right)

     The category was Let’s Go “C” a Play. After saying “I’m chicken,” she wagered 3000 on this clue: “This 1904 Russian play ends with the sound of an axe striking a tree.” She got it and seemed to think it was funny.
     I got this triple-stumper in Silent Consonant: “There’s a silent ‘g’ in this opposite of ‘to praise.'” And I was shocked that this one was a triple-stumper, in Mount Rushmore: “It was this sculptor, the son of Danish immigrants, who decided that Mount Rushmore should be a national monument, commemorating America’s founders and builders.” And this one in World Leaders in 1914 was too?!: “Prime Minister Louis Botha.” And I hadn’t realized we were talking about 1914. Come on, contestants!
     I had to growl in frustration when Deborah got the next Daily Double in World Leaders in 1914. Nancy had left the category for some reason and gone to Mount Rushmore. With less than a minute to go and 4 clues left, the contestants still stuck with it! I wanted to see poor Clay get a Daily Double.

Nancy 6200
Clay 9800
Deborah 9000

     Deborah wagered on this clue: “Sultan Mehmed V (over a now-departed deity).” Deborah got it right. This was the last clue of the round.
     The Final Jeopardy category was Agriculture. Wait, isn’t this…

     This is the clue: “Prunus dulcis, this snack high in calcium & vitamin E, is native to the Mideast, but 80% of the world crop comes from Calif.” I was sure I had this right, til Deborah’s response was rejected. (I’d said the same thing.) She lost
8601. Before that, Nancy lost 3800 and Clay lost 2601. All three contestants said something different! Anyway Clay is your new champ! Justice is done.