Do I have to?

     That is, do I have to blog this episode? That’s what I’d been thinking today, as I remembered watching this one from the studio audience. Come see what I mean.
     First, here’s some happiness:

     Also, I was present in the studio audience for next week’s regular-season episodes too. So make sure you’re back for that. These were taped in December the same week the 80s Battle of the Decades games were.

Keith Whitener
Dan Pawson

Maria Wenglinsky

     Dan found the first Daily Double, in Vienna Calling.
Dan 3200 (5 right)
Maria 0 (2 right and one wrong)
Keith -600 (3 right and 2 wrong)
     Dan said, “Yeah, uh, sorry Roger, sorry Ken, make it $100.” Trebek seemed to think that was hilarious. Here’s the clue: “The cathedral named for this saint was burned out during the Battle of Vienna in 1945 & rebuilt by 1952.” Dan guessed and was wrong. Then came the first break.
     I remembered Keith’s interview, and you probably will after today: He asked Trebek to hurry this up so he could leave on his honeymoon after a year and a half of being married. He was to leave that night – needless to say he was not at the pub.
     Maria asked if she could have a sash if she wins the tournament. Let’s find out if she’ll have a chance at it.
     “Do I have to?” is what Maria said when Celebrity Reality TV was the only choice she had. Funny, I’d been thinking I’d do well in it, as much as I read People magazine and the like. Then Dan said, “Do I have to?” when he had to respond with “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.” Mr. Trebek said, “Oh boy, you guys are rough, you and Maria.” I knew that one and this triple-stumper: “Cast members of ‘The Surreal Life’ included Charo, Verne Troyer & this actor known for his role as a cop named Ponch.” This was the last clue of the round:
Dan 4700
Maria 2200
Keith 1800
     I didn’t notice today during the Jeopardy round, but Maria was extremely, like unbelievably, slow selecting clues. It was to the point where you wondered if something was wrong. And it was like she was waiting, expecting other categories to appear.
     Dan found the first Daily Double of the round in “V” is in the Middle.
Dan 11900 (5 right)
Maria 6600 (7 right and one wrong)
Keith 2200 (4 right and 2 wrong)
     Dan wagered 5000 (!) on this clue: “A person able to see beyond the realm of normal perception.” Dan got it right.
     Maria soon found the next Daily Double in The Age of the Robber Barons.
Dan 16900
Maria 9800 (2 right)
Keith 2200
     Maria wagered 7100 on this clue: “In 1890 he became president of the American Tobacco Company in Durham, North Carolina.” Maria got it right and tied Dan.
     At the end of the round:
Dan 15700 (2 right and one wrong)
Maria 18100 (One right)
Keith 4200 (Two right, after a neg was reversed)
     The Final Jeopardy category was 20th Century Novel Quotes. This is the clue: “‘It was one of those pictures…so contrived that the eyes follow you…beneath’ the picture was this 5-word quote.” Keith didn’t write anything and he lost all but a dollar. Dan wrote “Don’t get undressed near here” and lost 3000. Maria was wrong too and lost 15000. So Dan will play again soon.
     So it was the attitudes of all three contestants that made this episode such a drag. Where are you Ken? Roger? Brad? Bob?
     I bet someone will get Maria a sash and tiara anyway. Dan was wearing a tiara as the contestants talked to Trebek at the end of the episode, and I’d better mention he was wearing a mockingjay pin since it is the buzz on Twitter.
     And speaking of, now for what may be the most exciting part of this post:

     He says it is.

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