I’ll tell you what’s gnu

     Unfortunately my DVR recorded some weird local show and not the weekend rerun. (Did you think I was gonna say it didn’t record today‘s episode?) 🙂
     Here are the week’s contestants:
Vince Balzano – Summit, NJ (WABC)
Peter Dyakowski – Hamilton, Ontario, Canada (CHCH)
Sarah Fremgen – Carrollton, TX (KTXA) 
Kathy Haas – Haddonfield, NJ (WPVI)
Molly LaLonde – Nashville, TN (WUXP)
Stacy Layton – Boston, MA (WBZ)
Heather Powell – Schwenksville, PA (WPVI)
Guy Wilson – Leesburg, FL (WFTV)

     Did Trebek really have to explain what a runaway is?
     I read somewhere that Julia Collins has a degree in art history, so it’s no surprise that she started in Historic People in Art. Too bad Debra Walsh negged on the first clue, but lucky Brian Loughnane picked it up! This next clue, in the same category, was one of many triple-stumpers I got today: “In the 1520s, this ex-priest was painted by his close friend Lucas Cranach the Elder.” I did not rely on closed-captioning for the spelling of this one! In fact closed-captioning didn’t even attempt it.

     Brian negged on it! Julia found the Daily Double of the round in the same category, eventually.
Julia 1800 (4 right and one wrong)
Debra -200 (2 right and 2 wrong)
Brian 1600 (4 right and one wrong)
     Julia looked happy to wager it all on this clue: “A book of psalms from the 13th century shows the 12th century murder of this man.”

     She got it! It was the last clue before the first break.
     I didn’t notice Brian had an accent til his interview, and then I thought it was affected for a joke. And Trebek is so desperate he asks Julia what she does in her spare time?
     There were 9 clues left when Mr. Trebek gave the less-than-a-minute warning. Four clues were left covered.
Julia 9400 (8 right)
Debra 2000 (4 right)
Brian 1000 (2 right and 3 wrong)
     How was this first clue, in India, a triple-stumper?: “Construction on this city designed by 2 British architects began in 1912 but was delayed during World War I.” And this one was equally-surprising, in Easy Being Green: “The kinetic energy of this 4-letter phenomenon is estimated at 11 quadrillion kw-hours per year.”
     I cheered so much it probably affected subsequent clues, when I got this right in Didn’t Make the Billboard Top 40: “At no. 76, this new wave band with ‘I Melt with You.'” Thank you, Sirius XM. And this was a triple-stumper, in Word Origins?!: “This anglicized French word once meant ‘hearthside’ but now refers to a lobby or entrance hall.” I’d kind of like to total the value of all these! The next clue was the Daily Double in the same category, and Julia got it.
Julia 14200 (6 right)
Debra 5200 (4 right)
Brian 4600 (3 right)
     Julia wagered 3200 on this clue: “The Greek for ‘sand tray’ gives us the name of this counting device.” Julia didn’t get it, but I did. Brian found the next Daily Double in Easy Being Green, with 2 clues left on the board after that.
Julia 9400 (One right and one wrong)
Debra 5200
Brian 8600 (3 right)
     Brian wagered on this clue: “This city’s 1997 protocol limits emissions of carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide & other greenhouse gases.” Brian knew it readily. He and Julia each got one more right before the end of the round.
Julia 11000
Debra 5200
Brian 12600
     Is this the first time Julia hasn’t been in first place going into the final? The category was Oscar-winning Writers, and this was the clue: “Winning for 1999, this New England writer is the last person to win an Oscar for adapting his own novel.” Debra guessed the obvious but was wrong but lost nothing. Julia was wrong and wagered it all?! Brian’s poker face! He  was right and added 10000. Bravo, Brian.
     How sweet that Jeopardy! was the first show Brian saw when he moved to the U.S.! A feel-good story for sure. I kinda want to track him down for a Q & A!
     Does anyone know if this episode was taped on a Tuesday or Wednesday? I just wonder if Julia had to fly all the way back only to lose the first episode.
     And the ToC list is unchanged! My Coryat was 20600 (22800 without negs).

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