A New England state of mind

     Next week’s Hangout is weighing heavy on my mind. If you watched last night’s, you know that I’ll be in California to watch the ToC. Great opportunity to get California Jeopardy! people in a Hangout, right? But we’re planning the Hangout for Monday. I won’t see any California people that day, since the show tapes on Tuesday and Wednesday. Of course I don’t dare ask the people I will see, since they’ll be in the Tournament! I could ask L.A. people to join me for a Hangout, but in that case they could participate like anyone else, any old week. Know what I mean? So what or who do you want? And I’ll do it.
     I have contestant names now, which also means I can look for them to participate in next week’s Hangout:
Laura Dziorny. She says she’s from Charlestown. Look at this clue we had today in Celebrity Origins, read by Kyra Sedgwick: “My ancestor Robert Sedgwick came to America in 1636 & was an early settler of Charlestown, now part of this New England city.”

Alan Lange. Look at this clue we had today in The All-Writers Basketball Team: “6’9″ from Harvard, this man who wrote thrillers under the name John Lange (Lange is ‘tall’ in German).” By the way, I got this triple-stumper right.
Tod Macofsky (from L.A.!)
Dolly Moehrle (also from L.A.!)
Irv Murray
Joann Taylor

     Yesterday, Heather Jarvis won for the first time.

Christian Burks
(He’s really under age 23?
So he says in his interview.)
Catherine Hardee

     I knew this triple-stumper in Double-Letter Endings: “To sing with a vibratory or quavering effect.”
     Catherine looked like she had trouble ringing in. She was in third place when Christian found the Daily Double in The Star-Spangled Banner.
Heather 1200 (4 right)
Catherine 1000 (3 right)
Christian 2000 (4 right)
     Christian wagered just 400! on this clue, a video: “After a decade-long preservation process, the flag is back on display in a new exhibition space in this Smithsonian museum.” And he was described as a history student! Christian got it right! (I will record and post the video upon request.) Catherine then got two right, taking her to 2400 and tied then with Christian at the first break.
     One clue was left covered at the end of the round:
Heather 2600 (3 right)
Catherine 4600 (3 right)
Christian 6000 (5 right)
     We had some negs by the time Christian found the first Daily Double in Common Ponds.
Heather 4600 (One right)
Catherine 5000 (5 right and 2 wrong)
Christian 8400 (3 right and one wrong)
     He wagered just 600! on this clue: “Germany, Switzerland & this neighbor share the Bodensee, AKA Lake Constance.” He was right. Think of how much for money he could’ve gotten.
     Catherine found the next Daily Double in Physics. Trebek had already given the one-minute warning.
Heather 2200 (2 wrong)
Catherine 8200 (6 right and 2 wrong)
Christian 6200 (One right and 2 wrong)
     Catherine wagered on this clue (first let me complain that this too is a video): “You can see the arrows are pointing the same way, right? Well watch what happens when water is added and this direction-changing physics property takes place.”

     Catherine got it wrong. This was the last clue of the round.

     The Final Jeopardy category was English Monarchs. This is the clue: “She was born near London; her mother, near Madrid.” Heather was wrong and lost 2000. Christian too was wrong and lost everything! SMH. Catherine wrote the correct response after crossing out a wrong one. She added 5201. 

     Now I think I’m gonna watch some of the new game show Celebrity Name Game while I hunt for this week’s Jeopardy! contestants. I want to know how to try out for the show! Hey, I am gonna be in L.A. next week.
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