Let the conversation begin

     I hope you’ve stuck with us all summer. It’s been maybe our best. In case you missed it, Andy and I have been hosting Google Hangouts. They’re starting to take the form of panel discussions. We do also have occasional practices (open to one and all), in case we have a panelist who wants it. I toyed with the idea of replacing our daily recaps with these Hangouts, but happily, Andy wants to do both. (I do, too.) What do you think? Also, is there anyone you’re dying to see in a Hangout? Leave a comment below, tweet me, or leave a message on the Facebook page. We’re having our next one tonight at 9:30 Central. We’ll be talking about the last Battle of the Decades week. Come back then to watch live. We’ll have one BotD contestant we haven’t had before!!
     Two more new things: I got sick of waiting til 9 p.m. to publish when I’d get posts done at like 6. So I’m abolishing that rule, as well as the “at least 24 hours between posts” rule. At Andy’s suggestion, we now have 3 posts on our home page instead of one. Important: You have to click “read more.” It looks to me anyway like the posts just end abruptly! They don’t!
     Finally, I want to point out that past contestant and Hangout attendee Lee Ann Roberts is appearing this week, Thursday and Friday, on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. Let me know how it goes because I don’t get that show where I live.
     Here are the week’s Jeopardy! contestants:

Stephanie Bilyeu – Champaign, IL (WAND)
Bill Cossen – Lexington, SC (WOLO) 
Carrie Delapena – Plano, TX (KTXA)
Tessa Fleming – Mission Viejo, CA (KABC)
Jesse Henning – Westerville, OH (WBNS)
Erica Hersh – South Orange, NJ (WABC) 
Howard Jacobs – Pikesville, MD (WBFF)
Matthew Price – East Providence, RI (WPRI)

     And today: Steve Lozano, Elizabeth Williams and one-time returning champ Winston Nguyen. Forgive me; I was unwilling to wait for the pictures I e-mailed myself to load. I can add them later if you insist. Erica and maybe Bill are coming to our next Hangout! 

     Of course I could not wait to blog today. So imagine my shock when I didn’t wake up til 10 minutes before the show was to start. I haven’t gotten out of bed that fast in a long time, and I was still in a fog when I tried to start. But I was disappointed – during the hiatus I changed Internet providers, and my new hotspot was so bad, sites wouldn’t load. I physically went back to my new place this afternoon, and they told me the speed I had was as slow as dial-up! (2 mbps?) She upgraded me :-(, but when I went home it still wouldn’t work. I called her and then went back, and now I’m using my phone as a hotspot and everything appears to be fine. I’ll believe it when this publishes. The story has a happy ending if it does publish – Now I won’t have to pay for Internet service.

     Another ugh, though. Mr. Trebek walked out with a mustache today. Too much has been said about that already.
     I got this triple-stumper in States That Flow Together, even though I wasn’t paying attention to Trebek’s explanation of the category: “One has St. Louis, the other has East St. Louis.” (One state in the correct response is supposed to begin with the last letter of the other state.) Steve negged on it! After that I was in such a hurry I didn’t bother trying to respond correctly to clues. Keep in mind I had to have myself and my apartment ready by 9:30 for the Hangout. Thank God I’d had everything typed in this post but the recap. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. At the first break:
Winston 3000 (5 right)
Elizabeth 2000 (5 right)
Steve -200 (One right and two wrong)
     Elizabeth finally found the Daily Double in States That Flow Together, with one clue on the board after it.
Winston 3800 (One right)
Elizabeth 4200 (3 right)
Steve 2000 (4 right)
     Yes, there were lots of triple-stumpers! Elizabeth wagered 2000 on this clue: “The big land buy named for one also got us the other.” She got it. Steve missed the next one in the same category for 1000. It was a triple-stumper and even I got it right despite the lack of focus: “One has Rocky Mountain National Park, one has Cherokee State Park.”
     Winston found the first Daily Double of Double Jeopardy in “C” to “C”. (Correct responses begin and end with that letter.
Winston 7400 (4 right)
Elizabeth 6200
Steve 1400 (2 right and one wrong)
     Winston wagered 2000. I’d almost definitely wager it all. This was the clue: “It’s distilled from white wine & is named for a city in western France.” He missed it.
     Steve soon found the next Daily Double in Brit Bits.
Winston 5400
Elizabeth 6600 (One right)
Steve 3800 (2 right)
     Steve wagered on this clue: “In 1613 a cannon spark during a performance of ‘Henry VIII’ set this theater ablaze & it burned to the ground.” Okay, please. Teen Week level! Steve got it.
     I could’ve answered this triple-stumper in No. 1 Songs even if I hadn’t woken up: “In 2013 & 2014 this rapper had a monster hit with ‘The Monster,’ featuring Rihanna.” Steve even negged on it with “Kanye West”! Sorry but he had another laughable neg when he substituted “Marvin Gaye” for “Al Green” in the same category.
     Okay, I did also get this triple-stumper, the last clue of the round, in Memoirs of the Working Life: “‘Born Standing Up’ is this man’s story of bursting onto the comedy scene in the 1970s, white suit & all.” Has anybody read this?
Winston 7000 (3 right)
Elizabeth 13400 (5 right)
Steve 6000 (One right and two wrong)
     The Final Jeopardy category was Authors. Good. This was the clue: “In 1937 his sister said he had ‘hats of every description’ which he would use as a ‘foundation of his next book.'” Steve didn’t have a response, and he lost 5000. Winston wrote “I’m sorry, Claire, ” and lost all but 2 dollars. Elizabeth started to write something she thought was cute and lost 600 for it. Hey, I got this one right! Anyway Elizabeth comes back tomorrow.
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