As I was getting my nails done today (“Evening Seduction”), I tried to come up with an explanation for you about last week. For my part, I was at the Tournament of Champions in Los Angeles. So I hope that alone will be enough to make it up to you. Plus, I worked hard to talk to everyone, and many people seem willing to appear in Hangouts. As for Andy, I’ll let him speak for himself if he wants. By the way, I hoped we’d do a recap every day but must admit I didn’t expect it.
     Did I miss anything noteworthy? And anyone want to know whether Trebek still has his mustache? And do you have any other questions?
     This week’s contestants:
Emily Herndon
Elizabeth Crofton
Shane Curtis. I notice he’s from Kansas City. I hope he’s enjoying the baseball, like I would be if the Royals      were playing again before Friday!)
Venkat Krishnan. He refers to the Boston Red Sox.
Carol McGhee
Brendan McParland He refers to the Washington Nationals!
Rena Morse
Jason Washington
     And today:

Shawn Choe
Linda Fraley

Terri Pous

     Speaking of “Terri” and last week, I watched a Terry play in the Tournament of Champions (O’Shea). I had to tell Andy I didn’t remember her at all. Do you? I talked to her briefly at the party after the tournament. She had tights on with the playing card suits: spades, hearts, diamonds, clubs. And by the way, she said (not to me) that she is 20 years old!
     Shawn is a 2-day champ. That means he might make the ToC list today?! And judging from the tournament contestants, I think Andy must be right: The contestants we’re seeing on TV now are not eligible for the ToC I just saw and a new list does start. Doesn’t make sense to me but that’s the way it appears to be.
     Watching Shawn at first, I was thinking he might well make the list today. But he was tied with Terri and got as many right at the first break. And it was Terri who Trebek said was on a roll, after he interviewed the contestants!
Shawn 3800 (7 right)
Terri 3800 (7 right)
Linda 600 (One right)
     Ben Ingram sent me a chat message as I was starting to blog today, saying I might like today’s first category. It’s Vamos La Brasil. Wouldn’t you know it would be where the Daily Double of the round was found, by Terri?
Shawn 3800
Terri 4400 (One right)
Linda 600
     Terri wagered everything ! on this clue: “Good luck getting across town! The metro area of this city west of Rio covers more than 3,000 square miles.” She was right!
     I got this triple-stumper in An Unknown Number of Songs, on a guess: “It took Sammy Hagar 16 hours to get to L.A.! ‘I Can’t Drive __.” I think there were 2 more triple-stumpers in the category!
     At the end of the round:
Shawn 6200 (3 right)
Terri 9200 (4 right and one wrong)
Linda 2000 (2 right)
     I got this triple-stumper in Kitchen Abbrev.: “ACV, this kind of vinegar, has lots of uses.”
     When Shawn found the first Daily Double in Atlas Chaps, Mr. Trebek said he’d “been laying low for a while.”
Shawn 9800 (5 right)
Terri 17200 (8 right)
Linda 10000 (7 right)
     Shawn wagered on this clue: “This 16th century cartographer wasn’t projecting when he coined the term ‘atlas’ to describe a large book of maps.” Shawn and I got it right.
     Terri found the next Daily Double in Arctic Animals. There was one clue on the board after this one.
Shawn 12800
Terri 23600 (5 right)
Linda 10800 (One right)
     She wouldn’t have to wager much to get a runaway. But she wagered 10000. That made me sit up and take notice. This was the clue: “The fur of this largest weasel family land animal is used to trim parkas because it doesn’t mat or freeze in the cold.” She was wrong, saying what I thought I might in her position. Did anyone know this? The last clue of the round was a triple-stumper.
     The Final Jeopardy category was Music. This was the clue: “John Williams said his music for this event, not a film, tried to capture ‘the spirit of cooperation, of heroic achievement.'” Come on now. Too easy. Linda was wrong though and lost everything! Shawn, strangely said the same thing and lost 8800. I’d like to know why they guessed what they did. Terri was right of course and added 10001.
     I was looking forward to updating the ToC list, but if Terri keeps playing like this maybe I will Wednesday.

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