Success is not final

     First, I’m so glad this didn’t pass me by: Megan Barnes is appearing on Wheel of Fortune tomorrow. This might be the first full episode of it I’ve ever seen.
     Yesterday, Ali Palmer won her first episode in a pretty strong performance. Let’s see if she keeps it up today.

Matthew LaMagna

Angela Chuang

     It was evident Angela was seated during the episode. I hung around to see if she was in a wheelchair. Nope, but she did have a big brace on her leg.
     I swept, and I suspect we all did, That Is So Like Late 20th Century.
     Each contestant got to say I’m Sexy. Luckily two of the correct responses were men. Can you imagine the uproar? I almost swept this category, but I didn’t know this: “This actor has portrayed Johnny Storm & the patriotic Steve Rogers.”
     At the first break:
Ali 3000 (6 right)
Angela 1400 (3 right and one wrong)
Matthew 3800 (6 right)
     Trebek apologizing for putting someone on the spot in his interview? Is that a first?
     I wish I’d rung in on this triple-stumper in What the?!: “Hel was banished by this chief god to run Niflheim, but it’s not hell, per se, just a spot for those dead of old age or disease.” I got the rest in the category.
      I thought sure the Daily Double would be in the video category Alaskan Plant Life. But it wasn’t. Matthew found it in U.S. Military Medals. We’d gotten the less-than-a-minute warning with 6 clues left, and now there were 3 after this. Those plant life clues were long, and a couple were triple-stumpers.
Ali 2400 (One wrong)
Angela 1400
Matthew 7200 (7 right)
     Matthew wagered on this clue: “To be eligible for this medal, you must have been held captive after April 5, 1917.” I’d never heard of this but I got it right anyway. 🙂 Probably not the writers’ finest hour! This wound up being the last clue we’d see this round.
     My parents and I went to this today. So I was happy to see a category about Winston Churchill when otherwise I’d groan. Today, it was the last category the contestants went to! I thought I knew this correct response from the movie, but I was wrong. 🙁 And it was a triple-stumper: “The evacuation from this French seaport inspired Churchill’s ‘We shall fight on the beaches’ speech.”
     I said “CSI” on the first two clues (and was wrong) in TV Initials.
     I knew this triple-stumper in 3 “T”s before Ali gave the correct response but didn’t phrase it in the form of a question: “For their operettas, Sullivan was the composer & Gilbert was this.”
     Angela found the first Daily Double of the round in I Have a Theory.
Ali 3600 (2 right and one wrong)
Angela 3800 (3 right)
Matthew 16400 (6 right and one wrong)
     Angela wagered everything on this clue: “John Nash’s Nobel Prize announcement mentions this theory that looks at rivalries among competitors.” She and I were right.
     I threw out a response and it was correct, on this triple-stumper in Canals: “The Suez Canal is entered from the Mediterranean through this Egyptian port.”
     Ali found the next Daily Double in Literary San Francisco.
Ali 5600 (3 right and one wrong)
Angela 8400 (One right)
Matthew 20400 (3 right)
     Ali too wagered it all, on this clue: “This bookstore on Columbus Avenue at Broadway is also a publisher whose books include ‘Howl.'” Oh no, she was wrong! That was a tough clue. Did you guys know this one? Luckily Ali got the last clue we saw, so she’ll play in Final Jeopardy.
Ali 1200 (One right)
Angela 8400
Matthew 20800 (One right)
     The Final Jeopardy category was French Food History. This was the clue: “A popular product was born when Jean Naigeon of this city substituted the juice of unripe grapes for vinegar.” Ali didn’t write anything, but she didn’t lose anything. Angela was wrong and lost everything but 100. (Why wager so much?) Matthew was wrong too and lost 3000.
     Those of you who watched the Hometown Howdies know what happens tomorrow.
     My Coryat today was 23400 (27000 without negs).

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