Oh, no! Mr. Bill!

     So, am I gonna update the ToC list today? I will if Matthew LaMagna wins. By the way, if you are him or know him, a reader wants him in our next Hangout. I of course have tried a couple things and they haven’t worked. We’re having a Hangout at 6 p.m. Central tomorrow, but if I don’t hear from him he can always come to the next one. 😉 For that matter, if you are or know anybody else this week, I’d love to hear from you!
     My Coryat on Friday was 28400 (29400 without negs).
     This week’s contestants:
Ryan Alley
Eileen Dreyer
Jenica Jessen
Tyler Johnson
Allison Solomon
Michael Wille
     And today:

Bill Albertini

Dori Phillips

     I loved the category name Straight Out of Compton’s Encyclopedia. And Matthew’s my kind of guy for starting with Stock Up on Candy, with no hesitation. And that was the last category name read! And how about when Bill said “Stock Up for Candy on…for 400.” 😀 Sorry, Bill!
     Speaking of Bill, I should’ve gotten this one right in Stock Up on Candy: “If you’re stocking up on candy at Costco (symbol COST), you’ll know this house brand is named for a city in Washington.” I had reviewed Bill MacDonald‘s pub quiz questions for his first time hosting at O’Brien’s. I did get this triple-stumper in U.S. Cities: “Mary Todd Lincoln was born in this Kentucky city, now a major center for horse breeding.” And everyone negged! And I was proud to know this triple-stumper cold in the same category: “That’s a statue of Vulcan, in this Alabama city.”

     I’ve been to Birmingham and read about this as I was preparing for my trip.
     Matthew found the Daily Double in U.S. Cities. I sure hope this is right but I have my doubts because I’ve been texting my mom:
Matthew 2600 (5 right and one wrong)
Dori 1200 (3 right and one wrong)
Bill 800 (4 right and one wrong)
     Matthew wagered it all on this clue: “British general John Forbes named this city for a certain William the Elder.” This was tough. Matthew missed it too. Trebek seemed to take pleasure in telling him he had no money! This was the last clue before the break.
     When’s the last time you heard a contestant say his favorite movie for his Trebek interview? “Road House,” in Bill’s case. And that was sweet when Trebek told Bill he was not a disappointment to him! Apparently Bill tells a lot of people his favorite movie, because he said people expect something more cultured to be his favorite.
     Not to nitpick but Matthew said “Gettin’ Jiggy with It” in his interview. I like that song, and the fact that Matthew does karaoke! I hate the song “Shout” by the Isley Brothers. Automatic change of station.
     I got this last clue of the round, a triple-stumper in Straight Out of Compton’s Encyclopedia: “‘It is bronze and weighs 2,080 pounds…is three feet high and measures fully twelve feet around at the lip.'” The scores:
Matthew 1200 (3 right and one wrong)
Dori 5800 (7 right)
Bill 1800 (3 right and one wrong)
     Bill found the first Daily Double of the next round in Last Complete Novel.
Matthew 400 (One wrong)
Dori 7400 (3 right)
Bill 4200 (3 right)
     Bill wagered 3000 on this clue: “‘Command Authority’ (2013).” Huh?! Whoa, Bill got it! And he was blowin’ ’em out when Matthew found the next Daily Double in The Congress of Vienna.
Matthew 2000 (4 right and one wrong)
Dori 5000 (3 right and 4 wrong)
Bill 14800 (6 right)
     There were only 2 clues on the board after this one; one worth 1200 and one worth 2000. Poor Matthew wagered on this clue: “The Congress redrew the map of Europe; Prussia gained much of this area centered on a river, including Bonn.” He got it but it was the last clue! 🙁
     It’s pretty sad when you look for yourself in the audience shot of a Jeopardy! commercial!
     The Final Jeopardy category was Rock & Roll. This was the clue: “A restaurant chain took its name from a British band’s fourth chart-topper, this 1967 song.” Matthew got it and doubled his score. Dori was wrong and lost 2500. Bill was right, much to his surprise because he wrote an extra word. He added 4750! Lucky break!
     I tried to track my Coryat today but got mixed up on clue values and didn’t want to figure out where I went wrong. Sorry. On one hand I was doing well, but on the other I fudged some responses for both better and worse – I had a hard time deciding whether to count some things right.

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