It’s not easy seeing red

     Add Jim Coury to the list of ToC contestants attending this Saturday’s Hangout (5 Central). Watch live or after the fact here on the blog!
     Today’s contestants:

Sarah McNitt
Drew Horwood
Terry O’Shea

     So it was lunch time that day at the studio. I was less worried than usual about making it back in time for the afternoon session, so I went with Clff Galiher, Keith Williams and Pam Mueller to a nearby Indian place. When we got there, much to my and Keith’s surprise, Brad Rutter was standing outside looking like a movie star. Keith started fanning me as if I would overheat in Brad’s presence. Whatever!
     As we stood in line, I asked someone (Brad? Cliff?) if he had any ideas what I should get, since I didn’t really know what I was doing. A woman behind me chimed in. It turns out she was a guest of Arthur Chu’s. I told her about this blog, and she said she’d tell Arthur. I told her he’d already done a Q & A with us. 🙂 I told her how I’d been out for the Battle of the Decades. She didn’t know what that was and said she hasn’t watched Jeopardy! since she was a kid. I explained it all, with Brad of course standing mere feet away and, I thought, hearing it all. The next day at lunch though (and I can’t wait to tell you about that next week), Brad said he didn’t notice any of it. It was surreal, while I didn’t know that! After lunch, before going back to the studio, Brad mentioned he had to move his car. I couldn’t help but wonder if it was the Porsche he said he would buy if he won the Battle of the Decades.
     Back at the studio, I almost made it onto the contestant side by first going with the rest of the crowd, and then going back to throw away a pop can and try to slide in. A page stopped me at the last second, asking if I was a contestant guest, which of course I was. 🙁 I got to sit next to Sarah McNitt’s husband, though. Ben Ingram’s mom Susan sat by me again. (Hey, she did come back after lunch!)
     I have to admit I didn’t remember Terry at all, and I told Andy the same thing that morning. And I didn’t remember til I see it on TV now that there were so many triple-stumpers! At the first break:
Drew 1200 (4 right and one wrong)
Terry 800 (3 right and one wrong)
Sarah -800 (One right and 2 wrong)
     Of course Trebek was all over the fact that Brad was in the audience now. That was how I found out about Brad’s appearance in Vanity Fair.
     Sweet story of Drew’s. Hannah was there, but I didn’t get to meet her. Drew was at the after-party the next day and O’Brien’s, but she wasn’t. I did she see has big blond hair.
     I’m amazed this was a triple-stumper, in Their Main Musical Instrument: “James Galway.” Same with this one, actually: “Jim Brickman.” The next clue was the Daily Double, in Florida Geography. There were 2 clues left on the board after this.
Drew 2200 (2 right)
Terry 2000 (2 right)
Sarah 1000 (3 right and one wrong)
     Sarah wagered everything on this clue: “Its name may be a corruption of the Spanish for ‘Little St. John,’ & it flows from the Okefenokee swamp to the Gulf.” She was wrong. She got one of the two left right though, and Drew got the other.
Drew 2600
Terry 2000
Sarah 200
     Sarah said in our last Hangout she was hoping she’d be the only female in her quarterfinal. She made it sound like this was so she could clean up on any categories that might favor women. The first one to appear in Double Jeopardy today was Women’s Lit! And Sarah started there! When it was a triple-stumper, she went elsewhere. Drew got 3 right then, but the 2 he got wrong were picked up by Sarah and Terry.
     Trebek had to rerecord the correct response he gave on this triple-stumper in Women’s Lit: “‘The Women of’ this location in the 1982 novel by Gloria Naylor include Etta Mae & Kiswana.” Trebek added an “s”!
     Drew found the first Daily Double of the round in Where There’s a Will….
Drew 3800 (5 right and 3 wrong)
Terry 6400 (3 right)
Sarah 6200 (4 right)
     Drew wagered 3000 on this clue: “This heiress’ 1993 will disposed of property in NYC, Newport, Beverly Hills & Honolulu & sent $10 million to Durham, N.C.” I knew this one right away but Drew was wrong. 🙁 My pen didn’t have much to do then for a while – we saw a lot of triple-stumpers! Drew found the next Daily Double too, in Scientifically Related.
Drew 400 (One right and one wrong)
Terry 7600 (One right)
Sarah 7000 (One right)
     Drew wagered on this clue: “The Cypress family includes this conifer named for a Cherokee.” I knew this one cold too, but Drew was wrong again. 🙁 He had 6 clues to bounce back. We in the audience knew and Drew did too that, with two 400 clues left and he at -1200, he had no more chance. This is sad. Sarah had the lead til she negged on the last clue, and Drew picked it up.
Drew -800 (2 right)
Terry 8800 (2 right)
Sarah 8600 (2 right and one wrong)
     The Final Jeopardy category was Tunnels. This was the clue: “These 2 islands that begin with the same letter are linked by the 33.5-mile Seikan Rail Tunnel, the world’s longest in operation.” Sarah was wrong and lost 8100. Terry was right!! Did you guys know the answer to this one? She added 8400 to her total. So she’d have lost if she’d been wrong too.
     Wild card update:
Rebecca Rider $11,600
Julia Collins $9,100
Rani Peffer $7,599
Jim Coury $5,600

Sarah McNitt $500
Andrew Moore $1
John Pearson $0
Drew Horwood -800

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