Ann goes for win #2

     Back to regular episodes after Kids Week! I missed Friday’s episode because it didn’t record for some reason, but say in general these episodes were more entertaining than Kids Week usually is.
     This week’s contestants:
Marybeth Chmielewski
Travis Darling
Jennifer Gilmore
Peter McGillicuddy
Mindy Miner
Emily Moody
Michael Oliphant
Ryan Pensyl
     Ann Conger is going for her second win. (Wow, I haven’t blogged in almost two weeks!)

Patrick Fernandez
Amanda Miller

     I negged twice in “Dance” Music, but they were my only two negs in the game. I did get this triple-stumper in Shakespearean Who Said It?: “‘Shall we their fond pageant see? Lord, what fools these mortals be!'” In high school, some classmates and I had to reenact a scene from “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” and it’s paid off a few times. Actually I did not think this clue was very hard, though.
    At the first break:
Ann 5800 (9 right)
Amanda 800 (3 right)
Patrick 0 (One right and two wrong)
     I got this triple-stumper at the last second in Anagrams of Each Other: “An insatiable desire for money & a yard tool.”
     The minute-to-go warning had just been given when Patrick found the Daily Double of the round, in Shakespearean Who Said It?
Ann 6400 (3 right)
Amanda 800
Patrick 3200 (5 right)
     Patrick wagered 1200 on this clue: “‘Sure, I shall never marry like my sisters, to love my father all.'” I got this but Patrick didn’t.
     There was one clue left covered at the end of the round.
Ann 7400 (One right)
Amanda 1800 (One right)
Patrick 2400 (2 right)
     Patrick also found the first Daily Double of Double Jeopardy, in Rembrandt.
Ann 10200 (2 right)
Amanda 200 (2 wrong)
Patrick 7200 (6 right)
     This time Patrick wagered a mere 1600 on this clue: “In addition to his paintings, Rembrandt also did about 300 of these prints from metal plates; wanna see ’em?” I knew this (and Patrick didn’t) because I’ve seen it on Jeopardy! before. (Too bad it was before I started the blog!) But I have yet to learn the reference. I’m sure somebody reading this can tell me….
     I thought this triple-stumper wasn’t very hard in Crest: “Lions on the British Royal Arms, like the crowned one on the crest, date back to the first king of this name.”
     Again, Trebek gave the minute warning right before Patrick found the Daily Double in Aqua, Fresh.
Ann 9800 (3 right and 2 wrong)
Amanda 1800 (One right)
Patrick 6800 (3 right and 2 wrong)
     He wagered small again: on this clue: “Of the 5 Great Lakes, it’s the highest above sea level.” He and I were right. Mine was a guess. There were 3 clues left on the board at the end of the round.
Ann 13400 (2 right)
Amanda 3400 (One right)
Patrick 7800
     The Final Jeopardy category was Movie Title References. This was the clue: “For this 1971 film the reference is to the 1948 film ‘Red River.'” Amanda was wrong and she lost 3300. Patrick was wrong and lost 5601. Ann was wrong too and lost 5600. I’d never have gotten this in a million years, so I’m glad I didn’t waste time on it. So Ann wins!
    Sorry but these contestants were a bit of a bore today, so I wasn’t really pulling for anyone or hoping anyone wouldn’t come back. We’ll see what tomorrow brings.
     My Coryat today was 19000 (20600 without negs).

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