Ann went for win #3

     Hi guys. I did schedule a post for 9 this morning, and I was surprised just now seeing it wasn’t there. You may have noticed I published the post immediately last night by mistake (and deleted it). When I tried again, apparently I just changed the date but not the time, because it was scheduled for 6:13 tonight. Sorry.
     So today Ann Conger‘s opponents are:

Peter McGillicuddy
Marybeth Chmielewski

     I was plowing through On the Menu til I negged on this one worth 1000: “A signature starter at P.F. Chang’s is Chicken Lettuce these.” I’ve never been to P.F. Chang’s, okay? I said “egg rolls” in an attempt for the sweep. This triple-stumper though was a no-brainer for me, in A European Holiday: “Jan Hus, born in what’s now this country, is honored there on July 6, the day he was burned at the stake in 1415.” I remember studying this in school. I also got this triple-stumper in What’s Killing You?: “‘The Ring.'” I said “videotape,” which is not what Trebek said. I’m counting it anyway. This was the last clue before the first break.
Ann 1200 (4 right and 2 wrong)
Marybeth 1000 (3 right)
Peter 1600 (4 right)
     I was also sweeping Kiddie Lit Title Words when I guessed (and negged) on this one: “‘The ______ Cheese Man and Other Fairly Stupid Tales.'” Ann knew it though! Then I only got the 1000 clue in A Categorical Denial: “6-letter way to renounce one’s heirs.”
     I got the two right that we’d seen thus far when Peter found the Daily Double in See How They Ran.
Ann 5600 (7 right)
Marybeth 1000
Peter 4200 (5 right)
     Peter wagered 1200 on this easy one: “This history-making candidate is seen here in 1984 identifying with regular working folks.”

     This was no problem for Peter either. He got the last two right also and ended the round with 6600.
     Mary Beth found the first Daily Double of Double Jeopardy in U.S. Cities.
Ann 6000 (One right)
Marybeth 2600 (One right)
Peter 7800 (2 right)
     She wagered it all on this clue: “A Montana city is named for a peak called ‘Big’ this.” I guessed and was right, but Marybeth was wrong.
     Peter soon found the next Daily Double in Female Firsts, a category which Marybeth seemed to favor!
Ann 6000
Marybeth 800 (One right)
Peter 9400 (One right)
     Peter wagered 2000 on this clue: “San Francisco’s 38th mayor, she was the first woman in the post.” I didn’t know this fact, but Peter did.
     I made up “abolical” and felt pretty good about it on this one in Proof Reading: “There’s no ‘di’ in this term for a short theorem used to prove a larger one– but watch out for the horns anyway.” It was a triple-stumper. I got this triple-stumper though in Catch Our Type “O”s: “This 5-letter Latin word for hatred is an English word, too.” I got this next clue too, a triple-stumper in the same category: “Synonyms for this adjective are ‘supernatural’ & ‘obscured from view.'”
     At the end of the round:
Ann 6800 (3 right and one wrong)
Marybeth 1200 (One wrong)
Peter 17400 (6 right)
     The Final Jeopardy category was Literary Inspirations. This was the clue: “The peat bogs of Dartmoor, England inspired the fictional home of the beastly title character in this 1902 tale.” Marybeth was right and added 1199. Ann was wrong and lost 4000. Peter too was wrong and lost 2000, but he plays again tomorrow.
     My Coryat today was 19600 (24000 without negs).

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