Making The Best Use Of Kids Week (Plus, Cerulean Has Moxie)

Good evening! Andy here; I’m here all week (Try the waitress, tip the veal, yadda yadda…)

So it’s Kids Week this week — we don’t normally do much in the way of recaps! But I’d like to suggest that if you’re trying to get on the show, that Kids Week can still be useful! We’re also lining up a panel for late afternoon Saturday to discuss Kids Week!

My suggestions: Use Kids Week to work on strategy and timing!

Karl Coryat’s page suggests the following regarding timing:

When you play along at home, you can get an idea of when the lights are coming on in the studio by when the camera cuts over — a contestant podium very often lights up a tiny fraction of a second later. Try to coincide your “ringing in” with just the tiniest moment after the camera cuts over, without waiting and reacting to the camera cutting over. The time when that happens depends on several factors, including the rhythm of Alex’s speech.

Keep that in mind! Meanwhile, you can determine how you would bet under “normal” circumstances when facing the Daily Doubles and Final Jeopardy!

Today’s players: Cerulean Ozarow, Brooklyn, NY; Will Harter, Park Ridge, IL; Victoria Agrinya, Woodbridge, VA.

First Daily Double: You have $4,600; your two opponents have $4,600 and $2,200. It’s on a $1000 clue, in the 25th clue of the Jeopardy! round.

What do you do?

Keep in mind that bottom row Daily Doubles can be more difficult, so do keep that in mind when making a bet! However, you can afford to be more aggressive, because you have the entirety of Double Jeopardy! to make it up!

(Victoria bet $1,000.)

Second Daily Double: You have $11,000, on the 9th clue of the round, having gotten the first 8 clues of the round. Your two opponents have $5,800 and $4,600. The Daily Double is under a $1,600 slot.

Again, what do you do?

Having gotten the first 8 clues in the round, you’re on a roll and liking the category! I wouldn’t be afraid to go aggressive here — but $1,600 Daily Doubles can trip you up!

(Cerulean earned the respect of America tonight by going for — and hitting — the True Daily Double.)

Third Daily Double: You have $23,200. Your opponents have $6,200 and $5,400. It’s a $1600 clue on the 14th clue of the round. What would you do here?

I would probably take the Ken Jennings route here and bet to end up at some sort of even number, some big number that still isn’t too much of my score.

(Cerulean bet $4,800 here.)

Scores going into Final:
Cerulean $25,200
Will $11,800
Victoria $11,000

Cerulean can bet up to $1599 (protecting his lock game over Will). Cerulean did bet $42.
Will should bet $10201 (covering Victoria’s double). Will bet $11,000.
Victoria should bet no more than $9,400 (making sure she stays above Will if they are both wrong and Will bets to cover). Victoria bet $11,000.

All 3 missed Final (TV CHARCTERS: This 8’2″ character made his debut in 1969 and is still going strong), so Cerulean wins $25,158!